Isis takes Iraq’s largest Christian town as residents told – ‘leave, convert or die’

Isis takes Iraq’s largest Christian town as residents told – ‘leave, convert or die’

‘Christians from the town of Qaraqosh were fleeing today after it was taken by fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) on Wednesday night.

The town had previously been a safe haven for those fleeing Mosul and for those hoping Christianity had a future in the country. “Before we thought we could stay. But now, there is no way Christians can go back to Iraq,” says Abu Maykel, a 29-year-old clerk who fled the village last week.’

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Ebola Outbreak Can Lead to Gun Confiscations and Martial Law

Ebola Outbreak Can Lead to Gun Confiscations and Martial Law

‘Gun confiscations and martial law are both plausible government responses to an Ebola outbreak in America considering recent policies by the Obama administration and the fact that the military has been preparing for domestic deployment for the past several years.

Back in 2009, CNN reported that U.S. Northern Command (Northcom) wanted to “establish regional teams of military personnel to assist civilian authorities” in the event of a severe outbreak in America.’

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ISIS The Start of World War III? David Icke talks to Luke Rudkowski

ISIS The Start of World War III? David Icke talks to Luke Rudkowski

Blair ‘is a man with a messiah complex who’s obsessed with making money’: Time in office made him mad, says former friend and author Robert Harris

Blair ‘is a man with a messiah complex who’s obsessed with making money’: Time in office made him mad, says former friend and author Robert Harris

All true, but at the same time Harris is a close friend of Rothschild asset and Blair spinner Peter Mandelson. I think they call it cognitive dissonance.

‘Tony Blair is a narcissist with a messiah complex who is passionate about making money and lives a ‘strange life’ among the super-rich, according to a former close friend.

Best-selling author Robert Harris, once a confidant of the former prime minister, said Mr Blair now cuts a ‘tragic figure’.

In a savage attack, Mr Harris said Mr Blair was ‘quite disconnected from reality’ and hinted that his time in office had made him ‘mad’.

He also claimed that Mr Blair, 61, had delivered a ‘slap in the face’ to the British people by walking away from Parliament.’

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Tony Blair ducks call to release George Bush Iraq war correspondence

‘Tony Blair yesterday ducked calls for him to agree to the release of his correspondence with George Bush ahead of the Iraq War.

The former PM is under pressure to sanction the publication of the documents by Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry into the 2003 invasion.

Sir John has agreed with the Cabinet Office that he can publish the “gist” of 25 notes and 130 recorded conversations between Mr Blair and the former US president.’

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NATO false flags in Ukraine

NATO false flags in Ukraine

Ukraine: pro-Russia rebels killed attempting to storm border guard base

‘At least five pro-Russia rebels were killed and another eight injured after they attempted to storm a military base in Ukraine close to the border with Russia.

The separatists ambushed a guard post near the city of Luhansk early Monday morning. About 100 gunmen took part in the original offensive, with some firing rocket-propelled grenades from the roof of a nearby residential building.

The border guards returned fire. The battle raged for hours, with 400-500 rebels reinforcing the attack.’

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Kiev Cluster Bombs Lugansk

‘On June 2, Itar Tass headlined “Administration building in Luhansk caught by fire after air strike, five dead, ten injured,” saying:

“The fourth floor of the Luhansk regional administration building was caught by fire after an air strike carried out by a Ukrainian fighter jet.”

“A huge number of ambulances and fire crews have arrived at the scene to extinguish the fire and evacuate the injured.” ”According to reports, five people were killed and at least 10 were injured in the attack.”‘

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Right Sector ‘looting, attacking citizens’ in eastern Ukraine – Donbass battalion commander

‘Right Sector units are obstructing efforts to restore order in eastern Ukraine, said Semyon Semenchenko, commander of the “Donbass” territorial voluntary battalion, Interfax reports.

“In fact, the Right Sector has not been involved in the fighting. But it has spent two months looting, attacking citizens and engaging in extortion. They can only deal with civilians, or with the scared police. They won’t cope with a real enemy,” Semenchenko told reporters on Independence Square in Kiev on Sunday when asked to speak about the situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.’

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Washington Worries Boko Haram Planning Attack on U.S. Interests in Africa (They should stop funding and arming them then)

Washington Worries Boko Haram Planning Attack on U.S. Interests in Africa (They should stop funding and arming them then)

‘”Fragmentary evidence” and a sense of inevitability that Boko Haram may be planning an attack on U.S. interests in Nigeria has intelligence and counterterrorism officials in Washington on alert.

U.S. intelligence officials, speaking with NBC News on condition of anonymity, declined to characterize the nature of the evidence, other than to say it was recent and non-specific. But they said it is prompting efforts to locate the terrorist group’s “military assets” and identify other senior leaders beyond Abubakar Shekau.

They also said that Boko Haram’s desire to strike against a U.S. target apparently has been heightened by the increasing U.S. involvement in the hunt for 276 missing Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by the group last month, though the goal itself is not new.’

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Obama’s CIA Runs Boko Haram

World War 3-‘The war has started’: Pro-Russian militants storm checkpoint and kill 14 Ukrainian soldiers in deadliest clash yet in mounting conflict

‘The war has started’: Pro-Russian militants storm checkpoint and kill 14 Ukrainian soldiers in deadliest clash yet in mounting conflict

albert_pike_nwo (1)

Morals and Dogma written back in 1871 the precept for war was already on the cards. World War 1 and World War 2 was staged by ruling elites. It is all hidden in plain sight for us to see.

Street Democracy writes:

Being staged bit by bit, the game of World War 3 is upon us and has been since 9/11 as far as I am concerned.

9/11 was staged and we even have elite house wives admitting they were casually talking about this over lunch before it even happened.


Psychopathic ruling elites sit above our control grid and play the game of war without any care of the social and psychological trauma it causes. The don’t care! Please copy this statement and share, as people have the right to know the truth about this war.

Just to let you know, Albert Pike mentioned the 3 wars, and all have been staged and all have been planned at the expense of the working class people, the poor for sure.


The stealing of minds is putting this mildly as the propagandised commanding dialogues are all over the corporately controlled mainstream media, telling us what to think and how to think about this conflict.


Is this picture real? Is this true?

People are beginning to wake up to the political spin laced with a deadly brew of toxic policies to generate social conflicts and civil unrest.

nazihugoboss (1)

A lot to be made from uniforms for different armies on either sides of the war. Its just business you see-so get over it.

They are deliberately staging societal destabilisation techniques across the globe for legitimate rage to spill over and for the power elites to announce ‘martial law’ heavy policing is justified.


They create the conflicts, the people react, then they come down on the public blaming them for protesting and disturbing the peace.

It is David Ickes-problem-reaction-solution.


The corrupt Mafia power elites want land, they want to depopulate the planet to control societies easier.

They want their own governments controlling each land and their banking system to enslave everybody to their monstrous profit making machines.

rothschild-banks1 (1)

War is perfect the ruling elites the Rothschild’s of this world all own the bullet making factories.


The House of Rothschilds (Red Shield) are proud of their global domination-war is profitable business for them-We the people live in one giant economic plantation system for them and are disposable too.

It is an endless profit making mechanism while they re-configure each nation and eradicate the poor, scooping up the blood soaked lands to own.

These morally bankrupt psychopaths see this as just business to them.


For more on this planned war click here or continue reading:

‘The war has started’: Pro-Russian militants storm checkpoint and kill 14 Ukrainian soldiers in deadliest clash yet in mounting conflict

‘At least 14 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and dozens more were wounded when rebels stormed their checkpoint in east Ukraine today.

It is the deadliest clash yet in the conflict in Ukraine and saw three armoured vehicles destroyed and a series of other lorries and vans burned out.

A group of rebels in the town of Horlivka claimed responsibility for the attack near the village of Blahodatne, near the town of Volnovakha, Donetsk.

They produced an array of weapons they said they had seized from the soldiers, in what is the deadliest raid in weeks of fighting in the region.

But a Ukrainian commander said shortly after the attack: ‘The war has started.”

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Indiscriminate friendly-fire reported amid Kiev military op in Lugansk region

‘In a military operation against breakaway Lugansk People’s Republic, Kiev forces have killed at least 7 self-defence troops and injured dozens locals. The attackers also reportedly shot at their own, who refused to fulfil orders and surrendered.

Both sides suffered losses during the battle near the village of Rubezhnoye, close to Lisichansk in the Lugansk region, said Ostap Cherniy, a spokesman for self-defense forces of the People’s Republic of Lugansk said at a press conference on Thursday night.

“When the Ukrainian military with a column of armored vehicles approached Lisichansk, militias tried to negotiate with them, but they opened fire,” Cherniy said as cited by Ria Novosti. He added that local residents, including children, were also trying to block military vehicles of the National Guard and asking “not to kill them.”’

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Ukraine crisis: Donetsk region asks to join Russia

Ukraine crisis: Donetsk region asks to join Russia

rothschild-banks1 (1)

They want every where to be financially enslaved to their banks and they want to depopulate the planet of the poor, to free up the land and enslave the population on a much more manageable level. Its just business.

Street Democracy writes:

If you want to get caught up in all this, you’ll be rowing for long periods of time just over these articles.

If however, you realise they are war mongering for blood, for a 3 World War, then you realise this is just play, theatre at the expense of citizens who are viewed as disposable.


They want you to know-they are proud beings. Psychopathic yes and very proud of it.

The Rothschilds want this nation, and will have it empty of citizens if that’s what it means, the less people the better as there will be more land available and less resistance to the expanding empire of the West.

We are all herded in to believing this is real and for those who experience heavy weight sanctions of course it is.

This is just creating tax payer’s to pay more money for a war.


Bought and paid for corporate puppets will fill the heads of the masses with what ever spin their like. It is to divide us by blaming some other-to divide and conquer-it is a classic!


More media propaganda which means promotions and mainstream media will award themselves for the coverage of this Ukraine purposely engineered, man made political mess.

That means more money a some self acclaimed bought and paid for corporate puppet will write a book to make even more money out of the deaths of war.


War means money and money means corporate elites. Who manufactures bullets, bombs, uniforms and so on. It is a cash bonanza and depopulates the planet and free’s up land-its perfect for the psychopath.

In the meantime if World War 3 kicks off as I am sure it will, then be prepared for  mini engineered man made ruling elite war propaganda for us all, in each mini State or nation.

It will be to split the UK, up or warring words with France over something trivial, but sanctions and blame will be real and the effects upon the poor even more so.


It is all there hidden in plain sight for a world with eyes wide shut.

9/11 was the beginning of World War 3 in my opinion, with illegal wars of both Afghanistan and Iraq but now the build up for Russia and Iran is being staged bit by bit.

For more on the current situations of peace on Earth, click here or continue reading:

Ukraine crisis: Donetsk region asks to join Russia

‘The “People’s Republic of Donetsk” declared itself an independent country on Monday and, within two hours of doing so, had asked to join Russia. The separatist leader Denis Pushilin told journalists that the self-proclaimed republic would ask Moscow to consider absorbing the region, which borders Russia.

But it remains extremely doubtful whether Moscow will carry out a Crimea-style annexation of the region, which held a controversial referendum on independence on Sunday, together with neighbouring Luhansk.

According to results announced by the de facto authorities in Donetsk and Luhansk – which also declared independence from Ukraine on Monday – about 90% on a turnout of 70% and 96% on a turnout of nearly 75% respectively voted for state sovereignty. The referendums – which Kiev has dismissed as illegitimate – were hastily organised and marked by numerous violations.

The results were roundly condemned in the west, but Russia said it respected the results. However, instead of previous statements saying it would protect people in the regions with troops if need be, the Kremlin called for dialogue between the government in Kiev and the south-east regions of the country.’

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US Says It Does Not Recognize E. Ukraine Polls

‘The United States says it does not recognize the results of “so-called” referendums held on Sunday in eastern Ukraine, viewing them as “a transparent attempt to create disorder.”

White House spokesman Jay Carney offered the assessment at a press briefing on Monday, a day after pro-Russia separatists held votes in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions claiming overwhelming popular support for the regions’ secession from Ukraine.

“We do not recognize the results,” Carney said.’

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Rogozin Vows to Protect Russians in Transdnestr — Just Like in Crimea

‘Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on Friday attended the Victory Day parade in Tiraspol, the capital of Moldova’s self-proclaimed Transdnestr republic, and left with more than 30,000 signatures from locals demanding unification with Russia.

The visit coincided with President Vladimir Putin’s appearance in Crimea — annexed to Russia after a similar collection of signatures — and came shortly before several referendums on secession from Kiev were held in various cities in eastern Ukraine on Sunday.

Rogozin’s visit, perhaps a nod to members of the Transdnestr parliament who in March asked Russia’s State Duma to annex the breakaway republic, was seen by some analysts as a sign of Russia trying to retain influence.’

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Cinderella Law-Anything Deemed Emotional Upset to Your Child-Could Now Mean Child Abuse!

Parents who emotionally abuse their children could soon face up to 10 years in jail (just the latest in the war on parents and child kidnapping by the state)


For emotional crime? For saying ‘no’ to your child, unscrupulous Social Workers the new SS, can and will remove your child?

Street Democracy writes:

This policy ‘sounds’ good as we all want children to be loved and emotionally stable.

We all want to see, well-adjusted and balanced children happy and free-spirited.

However, if you step aside from this policy for a moment you may see this as being not so innocent but definitely another severe social control mechanism.

In fact this is another psychopathic main frame, of no empathy infrastructure to force parents to become obedient cogs of the machine.


The removal of freedom of thought and creativity away from family upbringing. It is the removal of your basic human rights to raise your family as you see fit.

It is a numbing assault upon parenting demonising us all as ‘child abusers’.

All of us make mistakes, in fact we never know if we have been successful or if something was a good idea until usually after we have done it.

Are we to be punished for organic and natural progression, as mistakes bring wisdom an integral part of being human and how we learn?

We learn regularly from our mistakes! It is almost how we learn in everything we do!


The drugging of our children is child abuse but its by the corporate state so that’s ok then!

Never let your child cry, shout or scream whether at home or in public outside, just in case someone ‘hears’ scenario is a nightmare for all parents.

It is a warrantless invasion into homes.

It is localising some form of punishing agenda to all parents who do not comply.

This isn’t about extreme child abuser’s but about the ordinary man and woman within each community being judged as unfit and uncouth barbaric members of the public who do not belong to the wealthy elite.


Imprisoning children subjecting them to intense behavioural programming of submissive obedience never question authority to be a good citizen and never listen to your parents!

Children test the boundaries of their parents daily, some more than others, where it is down to the parent to say ‘no’ or ‘enough’ or to set the social rules for children to learn from!

It is how we learn as families as to what is tolerated, acceptable and not acceptable behaviour by both the child and parent.

Sometimes as parents we may discipline to heavily and feel bad after wards and apologise to the child but explain if you push the patience of people, they sometimes get cross so a child knows not too push people too far in the future.

Sometimes children over react in a given circumstance, but it is how they learn.

Learning how to behave, what is right what is wrong, is an organic progression of normal psychological growth and social learning.

It is normal behaviour and not to be punishable by the state.


If you haven’t read this book, read it and you will recognise immediately similar tactics leading us forward to an Orwellian punishing police state.

You only now need some ‘bitch’ of a neighbour to ring social services to say the last final bit of some part of a conversation they may have heard – ‘and she shouted at her child saying ‘enough!’ and I could see the child crying….’

Is this enough to bring the Child Police round, Social Workers armed with judged signed warrants to take your child?


To have the state-owned by corporations that control our corporate government means they will own our children. Corporations owned by Satanic wealthy families of bloodline decent.

We are seeing more staged propaganda of paedophilia being bombarded in the news and yes it is good to recognise the evil and name and shame, but on the other hand they may have a darker agenda.

To normalise paedophilia and remove our outrage as the state has spoken.

Also, the increasingly paranoid ruling elite do not like us biological or guardians of the ‘real’ world teaching our children.

Influencing our children the way we want them influenced.

The state, owned by corporations that control our corporate government want our children to think in a preferred manner.

It is ‘George Orwell’s 1984’, or an exaggeration of ‘Hitler’s Youth’ to condition children to be obedient citizens of the state’s choosing or parents will be punished for raising rebellious children!


The state criminalise’s free thinking children who do not comply or conform and don’t wish to obey authority are severely punished.

School is a factory of heavily indoctrinated intense behavioural training, of state preferred, corporately trained, hived minded, common core, submissive subjects that are taught by authority figures that never like being questioned.

So children are being taught, never question authority.


Robotic social programming-we surrender our children to be controlled and remove their free creativity by rules, and submissive obedience.

To remove, snatch or abduct a child by Social Workers can so easily be done.

They just turn up with a referral and that doesn’t have to be accurate or true as how does anyone know at that stage unless something traumatic or an incident was filmed. 

What if everything you do is deemed wrong!

We make mistakes as a natural part of being human to gain our experiences in life.

What if they ask how many mistakes you have made in one day?

What if it gets this intensive?

How do you know a crime of child abuse has occurred without investigation which is equally as traumatic, socially invasive and indoctrinated by leading and suggestive questioning?

They forcibly remove the children against the parents or guardians consensus and will.

What if you question this and disagree?

Wanted By The State: Your Children. UK.

Or click here to watch Staffordshire Social Services remove a one day old baby from it’s mother. Warning though it is traumatic to watch just scroll down to see video. They have removed this video from You Tube so to watch it you have to enter another topic:

Angelina Jolie and Corrupt MP William Hague Protecting Military Rape Victims

Do Social Services (SS) write down on report your rebelling against governmental legislation and therefore deemed a bad citizen with questionable judgement even though you’d be right to question.

What if you show a legitimate rage at their accusations of child abuse for you simply disciplining your child?

Will they suggest you are an unreasonable and aggressive citizen that shouldn’t have your children for sure!


The removal of self determinism, of self awareness of organic growing, of truth by serious governmental deception is not going to equate with a healthy well-balanced future.

They then drug the children to subdued them claiming the child was unsettled.

Later they will say the child has to be drugged (now the child is addicted or naturally emotionally traumatised) and has mental health problems because the child is screaming for their parents and is now deemed inappropriate behaviour.

We all have our mental health issues.

No one is ‘normal’ or ‘perfect’ but they are now playing on this as serious risks of normal members of society as having mental illnesses that need to be recognised.


That we need ‘their’ society that ‘they’ deem fit for ‘us’ to follow or be punished.


Be investigated in other words to prove your sanity as a ‘fit parent’ which is impossible to do as there is no such thing as a perfect parent.

It is an impossible statement, mission and a dangerous agenda to follow.

Will they say normal parents raising their own children will be encouraging their own issues to be naturally indoctrinated by their own children, social family habits for example and this needs to be watered down?

For social habits of families programmed into their children’s minds then according to the state there is a need to wipe out this and the child’s own mental health issues before they reach adolescence.

Like it is a major threat to society by labelling and socially classifying mental health as potentially dangerous and justifying drugging children.


Legalisation of child drugging for submissive behaviour easily controlled dumbing down which I call child abuse by the state.

It is becoming increasingly frightening for parents.

Never mind whether good parenting can lead to a rebellious child and bad parenting can lead a child to significantly high moral characterisation within themselves.

Growing up knowing what not to do as their bad parents did.

Bad parenting has given valuable lessons of knowledge.

A child now grown realising certain qualities were missed with their childhood and not wanting to be bad parents to their own child in the future is a lesson most priceless that can never be taught in school.

We all need to be natural and unique in our own individual ways to raise our families as organically as we can.

What isn’t healthy is to conform to a hive mind mentality whether natural or not, to be dictated too by ‘experts’ corporately trained by corporate text books on ‘how to raise children’.


Forced adoptions by Secret Family Courts by unscrupulous Social Workers who get paid lots of money per child taken into care.

It is a sterile progression far removed from the natural nurturing of mother and fatherhood.

It is the decimation of organic love and bonding between parents and children by removing the organic characterisation, the individualism of families.

We are all different and unique, we are not ‘Leggo’ pieces, unemotional, detached and disconnected.

What isn’t healthy is to create a society of highly paranoid mothers and fathers scarred to discipline their child fearing someone over hearing (half the conversation or situation with your young) putting 2 and 2 together to make 7.

As poverty is increased by the state, it is making life more difficult for parents and poor families to behave in a certain way that is socially conditioned as the norm if the norm costs money.


Criminalising poverty may make it impossible for poor parents to financially invest in their children giving the SS another reason to take the child away. ‘You can’t afford to be parents scenario’

This is especially if the state raises the bar of what is deemed financially acceptable and demonising the poor to be too poor to raise children.

‘Your too poor! You’re unemployed! You’re a disabled citizen relying on benefits! ‘You are poor and cannot afford your children!’

This may be a real ‘coming to a community near you’ scenario especially if they remove and bankrupt the Welfare State.


What will happen to children of poor families? They’ll be taken away as poverty will be viewed as unnecessary child abuse

If everything becomes privatised, the NHS in particular, it maybe like having pets ‘if you can’t afford to insure your pets, then you can’t afford to have them!’


What if they take away benefits or demonise benefits as socially wrong, therefore ‘you cannot afford your children or you are socially damaging them by claiming benefits.

The removal of your children will be taken this coming Monday, your’s truly ‘The SS’ (Social Services).

Are we going to see an increase in child snatching by the SS, (Social Services) because of that ‘bitch’ of a neighbour who is jealous of you and your life style?

Are parents especially fathers changing nappies going to be accused of sexually touching their child by some unscrupulous walker by?

What if Daddy is checking for nappy rash in the folds of skin which is normal of a child wearing nappies?

What if he has to apply cream with eyes of concentration and what if this is read wrongly as something else, something sexual by some idiot glancing from across the street?

A mother who says ‘I will not listen to your whining any more’ after the child has gone on and on, and carries on walking to then be spotted by some idiot nosey busy body on the street who makes that phone call.

‘Oh yes, she raised her voice and the poor child is being deliberately traumatised by the mother-come quick?


Corporate hive mind worker bees who are dumb enough to follow the program but smart enough to work the cogs of the machine- those who don’t are punished.

Are schools going to intimately question children who may be scolded at home and feeling cross with their parents tell the teachers anything the leading questions suggest, which will be designed to suggest child abuse at home?

For more on the ‘Brave New World by Audous Huxley, of state grown and owned children click here for more or continue reading:

Parents who emotionally abuse their children could soon face up to 10 years in jail (just the latest in the war on parents and child kidnapping by the state)

‘Parents who emotionally abuse their children could face prosecution for the first time under a new “Cinderella Law”.

Starving offspring of love and affection could lead to up to 10 years in prison in a move to be unveiled in the Queen’s Speech in early June.

Currently, the law on child neglect, which affects as many as one in ten children, covers physical harm only.

Under the new proposals, anything that intentionally harmed a child’s “physical intellectual, emotional, social or behavioural development” would be a crime.

Offences could include deliberately ignoring a child, damaging their emotional growth by not showing them any love and forcing them to see domestic violence.’

Read more: Parents who emotionally abuse their children could soon face up to 10 years in jail (just the latest in the war on parents and child kidnapping by the state)

Duke of York says children should be set up to do badly at school as a life lesson because ‘failure allows you to succeed in the future’

Duke of York says children should be set up to do badly at school as a life lesson because ‘failure allows you to succeed in the future’


The House of the Saxa Coburg Batternburg is our Royal family. They made up the name Windsor but are German with Nazis cousins.

Street Democracy writes:

This out of touch double standard living off of taxpayer, never wanted in his whole life, spoilt privilege wealthy member of the Saxa Cohburg Batternburg, German monarchy shouldn’t speak with his mouth full.

That’s a mouth full of garbage.

The privilege and their elitism schooling want ordinary children to fail.

Dumb enough not to work out the scam of the wealthy and corrupt capitalist ventures.

Bright enough to work the cogs of the machine these Mafia bloodline families interject into our society as compulsory form of lower class living.

Our common core schooling system is an institutional factory to heavily indoctrinate corporate text books for corporate preferred minds of the worker bee mentality.


Our children are let down by more than corporate controlled education. Children are exposed to much they shouldn’t see and dumbing them down continues this strategy of shock and traumatise.

They are not places of educational enlightenment, but intensive behavioural programs enforce by imprisoning children.

Then our children are exposed to an intense program of submissive obedience.

Obey your authority or face punishment by social exclusion and humiliation by your teacher.

Become submissive with all creative thought treated as disruptive and never question your authority.

While Eton has a mini replica of The Houses of Parliament to train ‘their’ upper class children on how to manage the masses regardless of skills and aptitude, as this is an upper class moral duty to perform.


Education is behavioural intense training of brainwashing children to obey authority, become submissive hive mind worker bees

This double standard monarchy sits above the law, sits above the rest of us and has close ties with networks of paedophilia and even though this is out in mainstream media, he couldn’t care less.

Please read: 

The Duke of York Pays for His Links to Convicted Paedophile

Paedophillia Lawsuit: Slave Children Forced to Have Sex With ‘Royalty, Politicians, Academicians’ — Bill Clinton Also Visited the Villa

Duke of York to Face Fresh Questions as Epstein Case Takes New Twist

Prince Andrew to Quit as UK Trade Envoy

Instead of jumping to his own defence to clear his name, he actually tells us to dumb our own children down because failure will bring out the success in our youth.

No he is embracing the stupidness of the ordinary social level of state school education.

For more on this inbred piece of stupidity click here for the Daily Mail or continue reading: 

Duke of York says children should be set up to do badly at school as a life lesson because ‘failure allows you to succeed in the future’

Prince Andrew said children should be set up to fail in school as 'failure allows you to succeed in the future'

Children should be taught to fail as a ‘life lesson’, the Duke of York said.

The Queen’s second son told The Sunday Times that failure was good for children and said that he had learned during his time at school not to be afraid of it.

Prince Andrew was speaking ahead of the launch tomorrow of a new scheme to encourage children to learn digital skills and set up online businesses.

He told the newspaper the thing he had learned most during his time at Gordonstoun school in Scotland was that ‘failure was not something to be afraid of or to feel guilty about – because so much of life is understanding about failure and the lessons to be learnt from failure’.

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