Sign 16 Petitions and Help Give IDS a Headache!!! by Mike Sivier

Sign 16 Petitions and Help Give IDS a Headache!!!

by Mike Sivier

Pictures displayed by Street Democracy


From John D Turner’s blog: 1.


From John D Turner’s blog:

1. PIP should be scrapped. Petition No 61694. 1,920 signatures Ends 3/3/15
2. ATOS appeal upheld not go again. Petition No. 59544 191 signatures Ends 22/1/15
3. ATOS & Tribunal Service money to GPs. Petition No 60046 signatures 3 Ends 5/2/15
4. DWP show common sense over terminal/degenerate illness. Petition No 61319 Signatures 6 Ends 24/2/15
5. Disabled people UK Welfare reforms suspended. Petition No 66608 Signatures 5 Ends 20/6/15
6. Make WCA Realistic Petition No 66404. Signatures 9. Ends 16/6/15
7. Abolish mandatory reconsideration. Petition No 57915. Signatures 17. Ends 5/12/14
8. Doctors decide who is fit for work. Petition No 55607. Signatures 26. Ends 8/10/14
9. Stop charge for Appeals. Petition No 61504. Signatures 26. Ends 27/2/15
10. Abolish Universal Credit. Petition No 58428. Signatures 30. Ends 30/12/14
11. Stop discrimination transfer DLA/PIP. Petition No 66447. Signatures 37. Ends 16/12/14
12. End JSA Sanctions. Petition No 57087. Signatures 50. Ends 14/11/14
13. ATOS WCA Abolish. Petition No 55159. Signatures 285. Ends 23/9/14
14. GP power to veto WCA decision. Petition No 64071. Signatures 1,636. Ends 22/4/15
15. Stop abolition assessment rate. Petition No. 58266. Signatures 109. Ends 13/12/14
16. Benefit sanctions inquiry. Petition No. 58217. Signatures 5,272. Ends 13/12/14


Caught out: DWP ministers who claimed a million sickness benefit claimants had been found ‘fit for work’ – kept real data from public view

Caught out: DWP ministers who claimed a million sickness benefit claimants had been found ‘fit for work’ – kept real data from public view

Pictures displayed by Street Democracy.


With big thanks to ilegal

Well over half a million sickness benefits appeals have succeeded – why has the DWP kept this quiet?

DWP ministers said only 9% of ESA decisions were wrong.  Our research reveals the DWP have been quoting from figures which state 151,800 appeals have succeeded.  Our evidence shows the true figure to be at least 567,634 – casting serious doubt over 43% of 1,302,200 ‘fit for work’ decisions.

ilegal Press Release – 16th June 2013

DWP’s internal figures reveal a much higher number of successful ESA appeals than have been made publicly available.


DWP reply on 13 June 2014 to a Freedom of Information Act request made as part of an investigation in to DWP figures relating to the controversial Work Capability Assessment by has revealed that of 1,287,323 ESA appeals, at least 567,634 claimants have had the original DWP decision overturned in their favour. Government’s key defence of the assessments has been that around 9% of all decisions are incorrect.  The most controversial of which are those where a claimant is found fit for work.  DWP figures (for new claims) show that between October 2008 and September 2013 a total of 1,306,200 fit for work decisions have been made.


It is with considerable disappointment noted that the DWP’s latest publicly available statistics confirm that only 151,800 successful appeals have been recorded out of a total of 410,400 appeals (for new claimants only).  Our investigations reveal evidence of three times as many appeals being ‘internally recorded’ of which 567,634 have been successful.


The DWP have revealed to us figures which show nearly quarter of a million internal reconsiderations have led to decisions on new ESA claims being overturned in favour of the claimant; we have added these to figures from HMCTS tribunals which provides us with a much higher figure than the DWP seems to be prepared to admit to in their publicly available figures.

Iain Duncan Smith Self Aggrandising Narcissist AAV

Our intensive research into the assessment of claimants for the DWP’s Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) has, following a freedom of information request to the DWP, provided one of the final pieces of the jigsaw needed to unpick the Department’s overly complicated statistics. We now have the final clue which has enabled us to identify that no less than 567,634 ESA claimants have in fact had their initial ESA refusals overturned in their favour.


It is a startling revelation that the government department has apparently been keeping a lid on a set of statistics that clearly shows between May 2010 and June 2013 no less than 820,356 decisions were looked at again by the DWP after claimants had been assessed by the controversial private contractors Atos Healthcare. These ‘internal’ statistics show that a very substantial 232,782 (28.5%) decisions were then subsequently overturned in the claimant’s favour.


What makes this all the worse is that these reconsideration statistics come on top of separate figures that show us that of those claimants who did not have the decisions overturned in their favour by the DWP, 817,102 went on to appeal to tribunals arranged by Her Majesties’ Courts & Tribunals Service where a further 332,607 were then overturned in the claimant’s favour by the tribunal.


These figures completely negate all of the DWP’s claims that it is getting the majority of its decisions right

These figures completely negate all of the DWP’s claims that it is getting the majority of its decisions right. Government ministers in conjunction with the DWP’s Press office have been telling us that a million claimants have been found fit for work whereas these figures show that in reality this is only a small part of the true story and that huge numbers have gone on to successfully appeal decisions which were wrong.


These new figures highlight the dubious practice of using the unchallenged assessment results, which only encourage media sensationalisation, with headlines such as those appearing in the Daily Express in July 2011 stating that ’75% on sickness benefits were faking‘.

The same article goes on to say that out of ‘…2.6 million on the sick, 1.9 million could work’ before receiving an endorsement from the Prime Minister with an assurance that his government was “producing a much better system where we put people through their paces and say that if you can work, you should work”.

DWP and Ministers know the truth, they just aren’t telling anyone

For more on this scandalous Tory wrongful and despicable behaviour click here for:

Caught out: DWP ministers who claimed a million sickness benefit claimants had been found ‘fit for work’ – kept real data from public view

Tories ‘black book of sleaze’ and how they destroyed all evidence of MPs’ wrongdoing

Tories ‘black book of sleaze’ and how they destroyed all evidence of MPs’ wrongdoing


Ripping the social fabric of the poor, using a spiteful psychopathic agenda of blaming the poor for the failing economy is a lie by our Tory government.

Street Democracy writes:

Does this include the social and psychological crimes against the working classes and the working poor, disabled poor, the unemployed and those unable to contribute towards a working week?

Does it include their corrupt two faced, double speak of criminal theft from MP’s who steal from the taxpayers but it’s only the poor that are labelled lazy, scroungers and thieves?


Yet time and time again we find evidence of financial abuse, crime and theft from top ruling members of our society, including tax dodging, sinister corporate connections and so on.

The Tory psychopathic main frame has ripped the social fabric of communities causing major social divisions by playing a bitter nasty and spiteful blame game that has imprisoned many of the poor.

Being labelled by your government as the reason why the economy failed, or seeing the Tory ‘evil’ in print about you being unfit to work as a lie has forced many of the poor to feel excluded from mainstream society, is in itself a crime against humanity.

The emerging ‘Gulag’ society for the poor is amplified by the Job Centre and other benefit agents, placing the unemployed on detention, forcing conditions that are crucial to receiving any benefits is the raping of the mind of the poor.


Sadistic sexually immoral and degrading levels of sexual depravity committed by top ruling members of Westminster Parliament are covered up regularly.

Poverty is a cruel weapon of social destruction, it is a silent weapon that invades the homes and minds of each family and individual it effects. 

The Tories have weaponised benefits, demonised benefit claimants and exploited the worse type of claimants on ‘Benefit Street’ which I didn’t watch, but knew it would be staged to outrage the tax payer by showing the worst.

Those on benefit’s that got taken to court for crimes like theft and being labelled as living on take away foods each day, buying the latest in high street fashion and computer games and so on.


An outrageous double standard, bare face, two faced lies in the heart of the Tory Lib Dem Coallition government-but that’s ok.

Yet, their MP’s can steal £90,000 on expenses, some MP’s revealing their did so to heat their stables. We have MP’s accused of sexual crimes and stomach turning sexual depravity especially against children being over looked by the law.

The alcohol bill is incredibly high, cocaine has been found in the toilets, pornography found on some MP’s computer’s, pornography being clicked on via the web from private offices of Westminster Parliament and the sleaze of political scandals goes on and on.

Click here to see another method of hiding the dirty dark secrets against themselves and those of the ruling elites or continue to read: 


Our democracy is framed, deformed, dysfunctional and degraded by these creatures of office-we the people have a right to our legitimate anger at this government.

Tories ‘black book of sleaze’ and how they destroyed all evidence of MPs’ wrongdoing

‘Conservative bosses destroyed secret evidence of their own MPs’ sleazy antics, a high-ranking party source confirmed last night.

Damning reports kept by Conservative whips – the party’s disciplinarians – in an infamous “black book” were ripped out amid fears they could be forced to reveal the potentially explosive contents to shocked voters.

The book featured written details of MPs’ indiscretions and drink-fuelled behaviour and was used by the whips to help keep them under control.

A senior Tory source told the Sunday Mirror: “The book was full of intelligence – an aide memoir for the whips. It was officially called Whips’ Notes.’

Read more: Tories ‘black book of sleaze’ and how they destroyed all evidence of MPs’ wrongdoing

Tory MPs earn a combined £4MILLION from lucrative jobs on the side

Tory MPs earn a combined £4MILLION from their lucrative jobs on the side


They fondle their pockets in anticipation of industrialising fracking and privatising the NHS. There greed is exceptional to none.

Street Democracy writes:

Our venal politicians are greed on a colossal scale using their privilege status which is nothing more than abusing their positions focusing on wealth accumulation rather than the social political agenda of our country.

The epicentre of Parliament and of Westminster is a merge of corporate interests and biases that turn our government’s political agenda into a corporate democracy.

Our framed, distorted and now dysfunctional social democracy is because of gluttonous interests and priority given to corporate paradigms.


How did he know what British politics and The Houses of Parliament would ultimately operate?


In other words corporations get the politicians and politicians look after the corporate interests rather than their moral duty towards the public domain.

Even our education system for our children are factories systematically installing corporate preferred behaviour.

Text books are corporately owned and heavily indoctrinate a hive mind for the future obedient worker bee.

What they don’t do is educationally enlighten young mind filled with creative freedom of thought and ideas, of critical and alternative ideologies.


Colossal corruption puts corporations owning and running the state, the state dictating policy to government controlling politicians via economic interest is totalitarianism.

We live in a corporate democracy, our government is a totalitarian doctrine of tyrannical corporate control and we have been taken over by this, in stealth and in secret.

A government that is controlled by the state and the state is one giant corporate machine that dictates subservience from financially connected politicians.

Our politicians are controlled by corporate minds of no empathy and follow a ruthless cold and psychopathic agenda.

They want to privatise everything, as it is in their interest to do so.


So lets under fund the NHS and then the people will demand it be privatised and we win, win, win all the way to the bank!


The NHS has politicians foaming at the mouth and they are deliberately under funding it so the citizens of the UK make an emotional plea for help.

By deliberately crashing the NHS it will fail time and time again, until the people have had enough. It is a cold and callous agenda by corporate minds and greedy politicians.

For more on the corrupt capitalist agenda avidly followed by salivating greedy politicians click here for more or continue reading:


Venal corrupt politicians financially investing in ecological murdering ventures with out concern for profit and gain

Tory MPs earn a combined £4MILLION from their lucrative jobs on the side

‘Greedy Tory MPs raked in £4milllion last year through lucrative second jobs away from Westminster.

Two top-earning Tory barristers earned more than £350,000 each – FIVE times their taxpayer-funded salary of £66,396.

Geoffrey Cox topped the league table of MPs for outside earnings by making £397,039 between March 2013 and February 2014. The Torridge and West Devon MP often charges upwards of £600 an hour for his legal services.’

Read more: Tory MPs earn a combined £4MILLION from their lucrative jobs on the side

David Cameron’s Corrupt & Paedophile Friends in High Places

Street Democracy writes:

More and more people are writing to me with names of those they suspect of being linked closely to organisations that either support paedophiles or participate in paedophilia.

Its the protection that is on an industrialised scale, a globalised network of silence and co-operation of child abuse and trafficking and this is yet another headline demonstrating the abuse of trust from the so called top end of society, the ruling elites.

I say yet another headline but this is how the people crash such organisations but continuously reporting and let us not stop!

For more on this click here or continue reading: 

David Cameron’s Corrupt & Paedophile Friends in High Places

Cameron and paedophile deputy head of policy blocked UNICEF-supported PA child protection strategy
by selfruleuk1 week ago120 views


‘David Cameron `claimed’ he was “Profoundly shocked” over the revelation that one of his top aides faces paedophile charges, implying that he was, yet again `unaware’. This is from a man who has spent the past five years demonstrating a savage lust for destroying the moral fabric of society and eradicating compassion from it. As well as Mr Cameron having secured a place in history for sadistic cruelty, he has also secured a nasty reputation for avoiding trouble, mostly through bullying and acting on the advice of his closest aides, henchmen Craig Oliver and Lynton Crosby, whom he relies upon to  cover-up for him, no matter what the cost to sacrificing others.

This is recognizable by Cameron’s familiar consistency of always “Blaming someone else”, “Pretending he didn’t know” AND “Fabrication, manipulation, exploitation, cold-hearted denial and dismissing facts and figures that provide irrefutable evidence”.

Has anyone been recording what happens to those who cross the notoriously vindictive David Cameron or must we wait for history to disclose some shocking revelations in declassified documents, by which time we shall be complicit due to our indifference and judged accordingly by future generations? With all the resources at his disposal, does he really have so much contempt for the people that he believes they are so dumb to believe that his vetting procedures failed him.

He also claimed that he was unaware of the activities of his former Director of Communications, Andy Coulson in the phone hacking scandal, yet not long after Coulson’s departure and relative convenient media obscurity, Cameron himself began implementing radical procedures for GCHQ and the intelligence services to spy on every UK citizen in his beloved Snooping Charter, committing a huge amount of funding from money we allegedly do not have to this aim.’

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Now Chief Coroner is exposed as paedophile apologist who wanted age of consent to be 14

‘A second senior judge can be revealed today as a campaigner for the rights of members of a vile paedophile group that tried to legalise sex with children.

Peter Thornton, the Chief Coroner for England and Wales, publicly declared that his campaign group ‘supported the civil liberties of everyone including paedophiles’.

A Mail on Sunday investigation has discovered that he openly criticised the prosecution of the infamous Paedophile Information Exchange, even after its leader was jailed at the Old Bailey.’

Read more …

Richest MP in Britain slams welfare state but makes £625k a year in housing benefit

Richest MP in Britain slams welfare state but makes £625k a year in housing benefit

Home sweet home: Benyon’s manor and with fellow Tory landlords Earl Cadogan, Sir Richard Drax and Lord Cavendish

‘A Tory MP worth £110million is raking in £625,000 a year from his hard-up tenants’ housing benefit – despite blasting the “something for nothing” welfare state.

Richard Benyon – Britain’s richest MP – runs his vast property empire from a mansion on his sprawling country pile.

But last night he was accused of cashing in off the back of the very handouts his party pledged to slash – as it emerged a string of other Tories were doing the same.’

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The Tories Punishing State: Tory MP Kris Hopkins says disabled people hit by bedroom tax need to change their ways

Tory MP Kris Hopkins says disabled people hit by bedroom tax need to change their ways


Street Democracy writes:

The commanding dialogue of the cold extreme ‘far right’ iron fist’s of blue, becomes even more ‘gutter’ when Tory MP’s discredit the disabled poor for the life styles they’ve adopted trying best they can to accommodate their disabilities.

To denounce them as inappropriate that doesn’t fit with the Tory ‘fist slamming’ agenda leaves the disabled poor in splendid isolation to battle the punishing political government to the fate of harsh and brutal housing policies.

The ‘bedroom tax’ has localised this punishing ideology, standardising it’s savagery upon the most vulnerable citizens forcing them to embrace hostile and aggressive social policies into already difficult lives.

The ‘bedroom tax’ has enforced for the poor a life of exclusion from mainstream society, for financial scarcity marginalises, kick’s out the disabled poor without added help from the Tories cold agenda.

Death dealing politics has been the ‘spirit of the age’ for the Tory leadership, manufacturing gun shot policies that are socially inappropriate and dysfunctional and not even remotely in tune with current times.

The ‘bedroom tax’ is a cruel housing policy and forcing the disabled poor to live in a sub-human manner, is both degrading and humiliating and this MP should be sacked.

For more on this click here: Tory MP Kris Hopkins says disabled people hit by bedroom tax need to change their ways or continue reading.

‘A Tory MP sparked outrage today after accusing disabled victims of the bedroom tax of being “set in their ways”.

Housing Minister Kris Hopkins said some disabled people were having difficulty adjusting to the “cultural change” of how they spend their money.

His comments to the Work and Pensions Select Committee were branded “shocking” by Labour MPs.

In the Commons, MPs voted by 226 to 1 to back a ten minute rule Bill by Labour MP Ian Lavery calling for the bedroom tax to be abolished.’

Read more: Tory MP Kris Hopkins says disabled people hit by bedroom tax need to change their ways

Duncan Smith compares welfare reforms to the abolition of slavery

Duncan Smith compares welfare reforms to the abolition of slavery


Street Democracy writes:

With his siege mentality, disassociated from the real, insensitive to suffering Iain Duncan Smith stands in arrogance as a sanctimonious pompous prig, while he inaccurately judges and measures the poorest people up and down the country.


Iain Duncan Smith lies incessantly playing with death dealing politics, a deadly concoction liken to a tea laced with toxic policies for the poor to consume at their leisure.

His ideologies are pure gutter, but a powerful rot with backing from Tory power. However, his absurdity derives from the fact he is like a ‘recidivist’ someone who relapses into crime, in his case, lies.


Drunk on power IDS is turning those on benefit financial enslavement to be forced to the bottom of the work market to become, labouring slaves.

His ideology of the poor is based on television filled with staged propaganda especially about the poor.

The Tories schooling is ‘Benefit Street!’


Staged, set and propagandised rubbish is not based on the innate decent peace and law abiding citizens the majority of benefit claimants are.

Their legitimacy is rubbished alongside those on benefits with criminal intent, or lazy attitudes to reflect all.


This soulless creature is deliberately assaulting the poor with the meanest of weapons, that of poverty.

Poverty rapes the mind and fills it with despair. Iain Duncan Smith, and his sadist appetite of financial butchery is doing all he can to economically slaughter those in desperate need of a financial safety net, benefits.

For more on this huntsman click here:Duncan Smith compares welfare reforms to the abolition of slavery or continue reading.

‘Iain Duncan Smith has suggested being on benefits is a form of slavery and he is like abolitionist William Wilberforce through his introduction of welfare reforms.

The Work and Pensions Secretary made the comparison in a speech to the Centre for Social Justice, a thinktank Duncan Smith set up in 2004.

He said his benefit changes were about a “journey from dependence to independence” and that that was part of the Conservatives “historic mission – just look at Wilberforce and Shaftesbury.”’

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Study showing 10million are living on the breadline proves that Britain needs a pay rise

‘TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady says economic recovery is being unfairly targeted at the rich at the expense of the low paid.

However many times the Chancellor says the opposite, we are not all in this together. This shocking report shows that more than 10 million people now do not have enough money to enjoy a basic minimum standard of living.

Cuts in tax credits and the freeze in child benefit have driven millions of working households into poverty. And soon even those who have paid in for years will be made to wait five weeks for benefits if they lose their job.’ Read more …