Tories could cut a fifth of staff at department that chases tax dodgers, union warns

Tories could cut a fifth of staff at department that chases tax dodgers, union warns

17:09, 18 May 2015
By Dan Bloom

The FDA union claims HMRC will lose up to 15,000 of its 64,000 staff – despite having to find an extra £5bn by cracking down on tax avoidance

Axe: HMRC could face huge job cuts – but George Osborne wants staff to tackle tax avoidance

Tory cuts could axe more than a fifth of staff at the department in charge of chasing tax dodgers, a union has warned.

It’s claimed HM Revenue and Customs will lose out as new waves of cuts spread across Whitehall, ditching up to 100,000 jobs.

That’s despite HMRC being in charge of a new tax avoidance crackdown that George Osborne claims will net Britain £5bn.

Dave Penman, general secretary of the FDA civil service union, says HMRC will suffer because other departments like education, health and foreign aid are better-protected.

And it won’t be able to track down tax dodgers without investing in expensive experts, he warned.

He told Mirror Online: “Tax avoidance is just one part of HMRC but it’s a critical one.


Street Democracy writes:

Our Tory ‘principles of the age’ are depraved, filled with unclean wisdom, a biased favouritism and a total cataclysm of our social and political democracy.

The lobbyist’s who paid millions into the Tory ‘general election’ piggy bank, want they’re financial payback.

Their reward is to be able to continue dodging tax payments by the millions and with less staff hounding their complicated private economic system, fraudulent tax dodging can commence unchallenged.


Corporate wealth has replaced our voting system for money as these millionaires run our centralised power.

Favouring themselves, legalizing money trafficking and biased principles favouring corporatisation hierarchy enshrined into biased rich favouring law is now so obvious they may as well just admit it.

With a fanatical commitment, venal economic elite, with their banded powers of corporate principles have rigged Tory policies to favour themselves.get-attachment-405-587x402

Our government is enmeshed with a culture of privilege, power, wealth and entitlements and with blind obedience the Tory puppet MP’s are too willingly obliging.

It is so obvious.


They’re not cutting staff surrounding the ‘Bedroom Tax’, to chase rent arrears from the poorest.

Another grotesque pantheon completely devoid of moral fibre corporate elites financial manoeuvres work our governmental system like a playing a fiddle.

Our democracy serves the corporate oligarchs.

Our democracy favours concentrated wealth and our system is most radically anti-democratic.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy.


George Osborne to hold SECOND Budget of year – and expect the axe to fall on welfare

George Osborne to hold SECOND Budget of year – and expect the axe to fall on welfare 00:00, 16 May 2015 ,Dan Bloom

  • The Budget 2015
Second Budget: George Osborne will make spending cuts harsher than we all thought

George Osborne will announce huge cuts to public services and welfare in his first all-Tory Budget.

The Chancellor has revealed he is planning to declare a second Budget of the year on July 8.

The Tory axeman already formed a budget in March, but will now slash spending and support for struggling families even more because his actions are not limited by Lib Dem coalition partners.

Mr Osborne said: “On the 8th of July I am going to take the unusual step of having a second Budget of the year.

“I don’t want to wait to turn the promises we made in the election into a reality.”

For more click here: The Tory axeman will slash spending and support for struggling families even more now his actions are not limited by Lib Dem coalition partners

Street Democracy writes:

Like banded thieves in the night this Tory budget will steal freedoms from the disempowered, expel them further from mainstream society, economically bludgeoned them to death and assassinate the characters of any in need of welfare.

Dismembering society further a Tory darkness addiction to hurt the poor, war upon the poor and socially disgrace them further by taking money from them is to endure another 5 years of lethal welfare cuts.

They have mastered a sinister art of manufacturing dehumanisation techniques disguised as saintly projects that echo draconian strategies of a brutal oppressive Tory machine of brilliant blue.

The punishing state as already begun, but worse is to come.

Like a ‘Red Briefcase of Doom’ carrying hideous horrors, the budget George Osbourne, a love abandoned soulless suit of blue, will direct a atmosphere to assassinate the welfare state.

We can only wait as the malevolent murmurs whisper suggestive financial slaughter, and prey for our communities and families sake that the destruction is not devastating.

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

Tory officials threatened BBC during election, says Miliband’s strategist

Tory officials threatened BBC during election, says Miliband’s strategist

new Friday 15th May 2015 at 08:44 By David Icke

‘Conservative officials threatened the BBC with far-reaching reforms, such as changes to the licence fee funding system, if it did not alter the political balance of its coverage of the general election campaign, Tom Baldwin, one of Ed Miliband’s senior advisers, has claimed.

Baldwin claimed that senior BBC executives and journalists faced repeated threats during that campaign about what would happen if they didn’t change their coverage.

Baldwin makes the assertion in a Guardian article, one of the first comments on the much criticised campaign from Ed Miliband’s own team. His claim was roundly rejected by Conservative officials.’

Read more: Tory officials threatened BBC during election, says Miliband’s strategist

Street Democracy writes:

The general elections saw the public herded into a spectator political ‘blood sport’.

We watched soulless suits of various colours behave like banded thieves stealing our minds with propaganda drivel and dictating in code, how much freedoms they’re taking from society.

A constant drip feed of heavily disguised further legal enslavement dressed up as saintly policies was gargled for weeks on end.

The Tories are malicious enough without a mass sophisticated democracy destroying mainstream propaganda strategy behind them for they do enough democracy destroying for us.

This is mass academia failing, corporate misinformation, a lie built on lies, masking realities to become further entangled in bias corporate disinformation. If this is true then those involved should be sacked, a public enquiry forced and a true analyst of how the Tories actually won this election.

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Tina Rothery – ‘Evidence Of Electoral Fraud Is Being Ignored By The Corporate media’

‘Illegal’ 30ft mural of David Cameron strangling nurse must be removed – or owner could be prosecuted

Ministers want to make it more difficult to expose what they’re up to behind closed doors

Democracy anyone?

By Debbie Simmons-Street Democracy

Why the Conservatives Iain Duncan Smith should resign

Why the Conservatives Iain Duncan Smith should resign


Localised staff at Job Centre’s are the tools used to give power to IDS machine of social repression towards the unemployed. Towards innately decent people, the sensitive poor are being crushed.

Street Democracy writes:

Iain Duncan Smith is mentally ingrained to punish the poor including the disabled poor, those unwell and unfit to work with his sadistic inclinations of financial butchery.

His unsophisticated demonisation and social butchery towards those on low incomes, part time workers, those unable to contribute to a working week, is off scale with his spiteful tongue and tones of disdain.


Creating aggressive policies for a collective localised despair. The unemployed are thrown into unknown poverty.

Enshrining into law, localised mental torturous activities from Job Centre Plus and all affiliated organisations that have attached themselves with financially blackmailing the unemployed like Royal British Legion has, to name but one.

It is often impossible to curb their hatred towards us.


Welfare benefits are force behind the poor rationing of food and enforced obedience as they blindly follow this evil in print. Iain Duncan Smith needs to be sacked and immediately and then held accountable for the social trauma he has caused.


Consultants smugly dictate what the unemployed have to do, or they will stop your benefits at any point, taking food away from those that need it most.

It is localised bullying and oppression.

It has turned Crawley, my home town in West Sussex into a giant detention centre, a ‘Gulag’ society of unjust treatment and deliberate infliction of pain.


IDS architecture of castigating the lower classes with Draconian aggressive and hostile laws is empowered with gutter administration by local Job Centre Staff.

They amplify misery with each breath they take, taking free will away as they instruct you to visit them or dance to their plans for you.

Refusal and you won’t get your benefits, your essential life saving money they care not for you, as the stench of gutter policies and decay of our democracy rots behind them.


This is the monopolisation of force towards the unemployed. Magnifying blackmail, amplifying hardship and misery. with death dealing policies.

The Tories, are orchestrating work at the lower end of the scale to be long hard labouring gruel.

The IDS of this government have made it socially, impossible for the poor to leave this and break away from this unfair economic system.

The evil’s crippling the poor with receiving only a minimum wage for payment of making their bodies weaker, their hands sore and their tired feet ache for standing all day behind tills.

Iain Duncan Smith is deliberately damaging and attacking the low-income earners as he destroys the poor’s human psyche with his parasitical infrastructure that steals wealth away from the poor into the hands of the rich.


Hypocritical liar and two faced cheek to dare critique the poor when this man has no moral fibre in his cold reptilian body.

This man is biased, corrupt and psychopathic.

Iain Duncan Smith is uncompassionate by nature and serves only to empower the social elites of our nation.

For more on this story click here or continue reading: 

Why the Conservatives Iain Duncan Smith should resign

His welfare schemes keep imploding, severely ill people keep being declared fit for work and so many people are falling through cracks in the benefits system that food bank use surpassed a million this year. Yet Iain Duncan Smith soldiers on.

The media seem obsessed with discussing Ed Miliband’s appearance, but the man who has overseen the chaos and misery of the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP is still in his #job – a serious media would call for this ridiculous man to resign.

Click here for more:

Why the Conservatives Iain Duncan Smith should resign

Food bank debate saw Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey write their own political obituaries


Street Democracy writes:

A ceaseless expansion of economic exploitation with the dirty engine of a corrupt capitalist system that creates wealth disparity, economic biases and brutal lives for the poor, received more unwanted attachments from the Tories yesterday.

Unleashing more brutal policies the Tories in their full colour of frozen ice blue are totally impervious to outside public opinion and disempowering social democracy by doing so.

Non-empathetic reptilian suits drivel on and on with a sadistic nature of ruthlessness with high efficiency as if believing state repression is essential and necessary.


With the ordinary man and woman’s living standards plummeting, with the draconian methods of rules hovering above their heads, the Tories ‘spirit of the age’ is both savage and demeaning.

Their evil in print is increasing poverty and poverty is the ‘rape of the minds’ of the poor. There are better ways at managing people’s perceptions of life, force is never it.

It is the ransacking of lives, burdening the poor with heavy financial sanctions as debt or the threat of it towers above them or follows them around.

Here we have the Tories ‘iron fists of blue’ slamming down upon those hungry in our society. The poor were mocked about the use of ‘food banks’. Mocked by the necessity of them, and mocked by the Tories of those who needed them.

Yet Iain Duncan Smith has been caught lying so why is he still in office?

He has been caught manipulating statistics to suit his far right agenda, and caught fixing strategic evidence to fit his ideology.


It means all civil servants, benefit agents, housing officers , jobcentre staff and all others who follow the tail of the one in front, and never question their authority are issuing death sentences to vulnerable people who don’t have enough Rothschild debt notes in their pockets.

All without validation of facts behind them, which staff never question, why is that?


Staffing eagerly showing their abilities to follow blindly the most savage economic sanctions by administering such brutal policies where clearly their foundations are based on flawed information, the wrong information, lies and more lies from DWP.

They don’t question the legitimacy of these policies, they don’t question the morality, they just process them forward and watch from their desks the destruction of the poor’s psyche. One administrator from Crawley, telling me how he enjoyed his job.

There are better and more holistic methods of helping people step out of the cycle of deprivation, aiding a pathway back to work.

Programs of force however, never produce a healthy mind set. Forcing work programmes but denying real education without debt enslavement isn’t a healthy option for a healthy mind and healthy community.

For more on the war against the poor, click here for the Mirror or continue reading.

‘This government likes to show contempt for the poor its policies have created.

Yesterday was no exception as Tory ministers once again revealed their true nasty colours in the Commons.

Heartless Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey, a couple of nonentities relishing dirty jobs gifted to them by David Cameron, enjoy comfortable lifestyles yet spend their days making life harder for working people.

In a calculated snub they both vanished from the frontbench during a debate on the rise in foodbanks , the growth of which illustrates the crisis in living standards. But their actions were also a colossal misjudgment.’

Read more: Food bank debate saw Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey write their own political obituaries

The Sleaze Of Supressing Hard Evidence! Tories Cut Backs Causing Social Misery, Homelessness and Rise in Food Bank Use!

Street Democracy writes:

They lie with style, they lie with power and just lie by suppressing documents is the sleaze of the Tory ‘spirit of the age’ policies. 

The Tories society is bathed with privilege, economic disparities forever growing, and their harsh brutal benefit cut backs are financially ruining innocent families struggling to survive.


With immense velocity the poor have been thrown to the wolves while these Tory aristocratic millionaires give themselves a pay rise. Talk about laugh in the face of a dying democracy and in the faces of the needy.

Draconian rules crack like a whip in the air in each community as the Tories warrantless invasion of financial destitution enters peace loving homes to destroy.


Suppression is the Tories way of handling current affairs. Mock the poor, mock policy that aids the poor, suppress the facts that prove their incompetence, lie about it, hide it, as they hide behind their bodyguards and their gated upper class communities.

Our Tory Government is using money, the benefit system as a formidable weapon and now legions of poor meet in doorways, meet in food banks and the Jobcentre to further the hell of their misery.


Point being our Government lies and is in breach of trust for doing so. Problem is they have been lying the moment they sleazed their way into power. They are not voted in, the citizen didn’t ask for a Tory government and they have abused this position of power relentlessly.

For more on this click here for The Guardian or continue reading.


‘Now you see it now you don’t. No sooner had Kent Online reported the details of an official Kent county council report linking welfare reform to rises in homelessness, food bank use and violent crime, than the report was suppressed.

Council leader Paul Carter, whose name was apparently on the report even though he hadn’t read it, told Kent Messenger Group political editor Paul Francis that he had he decided to take it down from the council website because he did not agree with its conclusions.

So what was it about the report’s findings that Carter found so disagreeable?’ Read more …


‘Over 100k’ want Govt to halt welfare cuts for disabled

‘At least 102,000 people have signed a petition calling on the Government to stop welfare reforms for disabled people ahead of the Autumn Statement.

Led by comedian and campaigner Francesca Martinez, the petition has attracted celebrity support from Stephen Fry, Russell Brand, Yoko Ono and Bianca Jagger.

The news comes as World Disability Day kicks off, with campaigners urging the Government review the bedroom tax, arguing it targets the most vulnerable.’ Read more …

Autumn Statement 2013: millions to work longer for a pension as life expectancy rises

‘Millions of young workers will be unable to retire until they reach 70 under new government rules.

An overhaul of the state retirement system announced on Thursday will mean that people now under 50 will have to work even longer than they had previously thought.

George Osborne, the Chancellor, will announce the new rules and argue that they are one of the “difficult decisions” required to put the public finances on a secure footing in the long term. In his Autumn Statement, Mr Osborne will also tell MPs that despite the recent economic recovery, the job of balancing the Government’s budget is far from over, meaning several more years of spending cuts and tax rises.

While austerity measures to clear the deficit will extend towards 2018, the pension reforms will have much longer-lasting consequences.’ Read more …

Top cop: ‘People use soup kitchens so they can afford alcohol

Street Democracy writes:

With the harshest of policies aimed straight at the poor, with ungraspable destruction of social mobility and opportunities, a continuous numbing assault, it isn’t surprising alcohol levels are up.

Escapism is always high amongst the disadvantaged. Nations fractured and broken because the heavy weight corporate giants steal native lands, cause suddenly a loss in indigenous tribal life styles and puts them into high unemployment.


These innocent people who loose their lands often turn to alcohol. Nothing to live for, nothing to aim for anymore.

Born into a world of fierce aggressive competition between individuals, to stamp upon others to gain a higher place, to ruthlessly discount anyone else but the self is a hard line view on life.

Competition destroys life and living, co-operation enhances it.

It is a cut throat cultural heavy weight indoctrination enforced upon society that never sits well. It isn’t a good place to be.

To rape the world and dig up precious metals, resources and minerals to hold in the hand of a winner, isn’t the way forward to enhancement, but the extinction button of destruction.

A life viewed from many is a painful one, and you can’t blame even the hardest of souls for trying to revert their attention elsewhere.

Drugs do this for many. Escapism softens the blow of harsh reality and this top police officer should know about ‘the addiction’. Addiction isn’t easy and can be the hardest for many to give up. Food addiction, smoking addiction, alcoholism.

Maybe he shouldn’t judge the individuals but spread his insight further a field to notice maybe life, our society and communities are a little sick, distorted, disconnected and hurtful as the cause of many individuals reasons for addictions.

Read on for this out of touch copper, who has forgotten the basic life remedies, or maybe never knew them in the first place.

Take his career away, take his home and family away, his friends will leave him and lets leave him with nothing. See if he gains some form of empathy for the homeless.


Croydon’s most senior police officer has said people use soup kitchens so they can spend money on alcohol instead.

‘Borough Commander David Musker claims the soup kitchen in Queen’s Gardens, aimed at the poor and homeless, is instead being used by drunks out to cause trouble.

“The reality is that a number of people use the soup kitchen in Croydon in order to spend their money on alcohol rather than food,” he said.

“This, in turn, leads to these individuals committing crime or antisocial behaviour.

“In the long term, soup kitchens are not helping to get people off the streets and turn their lives around.’ Read more …

More Blood On The Hands Of The Iron Fist’s Of Blue – Our Tory Government

Street Democracy writes:

The savage fulminated and brutal cuts from the Tories is a daily occurrence from the mindless obedient benefit staff who blindly follow the tail of the one in front.

Without thought, without questioning these policies they unlawfully inflict upon the most poorest, fracture the hearts and minds of peace loving people, just unable to work.

These cold calculating members of staff, play god, play a ruthless game with people’s lives in desperate positions. These reptilians stop money without concerns of the social disruption, the psychological turmoil they cause.

blood on hands

This man drank to escape but the weight of destitution, of financial ruin, the unprecedented unethical and rudeness vomited up towards you at the Jobcentre, the burden of being made to feel worse than you were before is enough to tip even the strongest of souls to think suicide.

More blood on the hands of our Government.385294_195107567306966_1850351962_n

The Jobcentre in Crawley has the brutal heavy weight of G4S who hold no people skills are often uneducated thugs who just throw their over sized body mass around and act tough. They have no purpose but to intimidate people seeking employment or those who forced to attend Jobcentre interviews.1394182_522053177878676_7145944_n-1

Firstly you are blackmailed and forced to attend or they stop your money.

This is a threat most real, as they rape the minds of the most vulnerable, the poor. Then you are greeted by G4S attitudes at the door that look through you like you are filth. Then you are kept waiting in an open plan office that smells because no fresh air is permitted, no plants or any natural light is allowed in these dark places.

The grim dark Jobcentre’s look like detention centres and each staff holds no empathy. I know of one man with mental health issues that turned up 1 minute late for his appointment. The staff member kept on having a go at him, and then in a polite manner told him she was docking his pay for 1 week!

This man was a minute late and she was preventing one week’s money for him.

How is this helping?

This  was Crawley Jobcentre in West Sussex, a most grim, grey and dirty place to visit, with attitudes from the staff to match. How do ‘they’ go on living is what needs to be asked?544547_466042163465317_917876792_n

They become as toxic as the policies they happily dish out and now death is occurring more frequently as essential monies are taken away with ruthless efficiency.

This man was punished which took his life. Wildly ferocious to his crime of being unemployed and not fit to work, benefits taken were benefits desperately needed, heads should hang in shame over this.

For more on this story click here for The Independent and share a thought of the agony of Victor Cuff, 59 who felt he had nothing more to live for.

This is disgraceful, life is precious and priceless and it would be a good idea for the Tories to learn some human values.992934_219007768250279_1428084301_n

‘An unemployed man committed suicide by hanging himself because his sickness benefits had been cut, an inquest in Gravesend heard.

Victor Cuff, 59, had been drinking heavily before he hanged himself on 22 May. His body was found in his bedroom by his neighbour Colleen Gobel, who had noted police with concerns she had not seen Mr Cuff all day.

Ms Gobel told police he was struggling with depression and had been “feeling down” after his sickness benefits were cut, the News Shopper reported.’

Read more: Gravesend man hangs himself after sickness benefits were cut

Our British Aristocratic Government Favours Of Course The Rich

Boris Johnson invokes Thatcher spirit with greed is good speech

Street Democracy writes:

Sanctimonious pompous prigs stand in their arrogance of wealth and declare they are superior beings to the rest of us peasants, is what is indoctrinated from birth to these out of touch members of the elite.

They hoard their wealth and leave little for anyone else. They hoard hundreds of thousands of acres of land and leave nothing but land scarcity for the ordinary man and woman. Their disdain for the poor shows in the brutal savage social policies that are a numbing assault upon the poorest in this country.

With the meltdown of the welfare benefit system, we will see in the UK third world poverty already gripping the nation with food banks desperately struggling to keep on top of demands. This is the type of wealthy elite that under serve the people within his public duties and his position of public office of mayor of London.

This is the type of creature, unprincipled in morals that reinforce their own economic protection and prosperity while enforcing inhospitable dehumanising austerity for everyone else, knowing it will cannibalise the poor further.

This is the type of aristocrat that promotes ungraspable financial destruction, disease and ruin for anyone one who is not in the rich club. This is the type of wealth that is a disgrace upon our earth, make no mistake, he has no soul or concerns for the people of Britain who are not privately educated that is.

For more on the folly of the super rich click here for The Guardian or continue reading.578542_10151813749202914_356027904_n

‘Boris Johnson has launched a bold bid to claim the mantle of Margaret Thatcher by declaring that inequality is essential to fostering “the spirit of envy” and hailed greed as a “valuable spur to economic activity”.

In an attempt to shore up his support on the Tory right, as he positions himself as the natural successor to David Cameron, the London mayor called for the “Gordon Gekkos of London” to display their greed to promote economic growth.

Delivering the annual Margaret Thatcher lecture, Johnson also called for the return of a form of grammar schools.

He qualified his unabashed admiration for the “hedge fund kings” by saying they should do more to help poorer people who have suffered a real fall in income in recent years. But he moved to forge his own brand of Conservatism, which contrasts with the early modernising of the prime minister, by claiming that it was “futile” to try to end inequality.’

Read more: Boris Johnson invokes Thatcher spirit with greed is good speech

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BBC’s System-Server David Dimbleby Slams ‘Disgraceful’ Boris Johnson, David Cameron and George Osborne For Ruining Elite Bullingdon Club By Trashing Restaurants



Picture from This is Sussex.

Dear Henry Smith

I am writing as one of your constituents to ask for the DWP-ATOS  mortality statistics regarding Crawley.

Iain Duncan Smith does not want – or does not care – to provide such  statistics. Is this also your position – or not?

On September 4 2013, your political colleague was scheduled for  questioning by the Work & Pensions Select Committee, for his serial  misuse of statistics in relation to the welfare ‘reforms’ (aka cuts).  He cancelled this, for the reason the DWP’s annual report was “not  ready”.

The meeting was rescheduled for November 25, but again Iain Duncan Smith requested managed to postpone it. The date has now changed to  December 9 2013.

One of the most serious issues your political colleague appears to be avoiding comes from Samuel Miller, a Canadian-based academic, who has  submitted a number of  freedom of information requests with the DWP,  and has evidence the department refuses to release the mortality  statistics for disabled people on welfare in 2012-2013.

On November 6 2012, Samual Miller wrote to the DWP requesting  statistics for the number of disabled people on welfare who had died  that year; statistics which the department had previously provided.  Head of Correspondence, Goff Daft, later replied : “I am sorry that the  information you require is not readily available. As this would take a  considerable length of time to pull together I am unable, at this  stage, to tell you when the next report will be available”

Further requests for the information were submitted, before Mr Miller  received another response on June 24th 2013: “The publication you refer  to was released on the Department’s website as an ad-hoc statistical analysis publication. As such there is no intention of releasing an  updated version of these statistics.”

Samuel Miller says DWP has the information requested (ie the mortality  statitics), but refuses to release it. Is this why Iain Duncan Smith is  evading select committee meetings, avoiding a parliamentary debate on the Bedroom Tax, and selecting ‘friendly’ journalists for his  interviews. The DWP has stated it is open and transparent, and tweets’  regularly with the hashtag “#opendata“, and stating under “DWP Open  Data” that:

“The department is committed to Open Data and improving the use that can be made of the rich source of data it holds on much of the population. Our mission is to embed a culture of transparency so that more and more data is released routinely for wider re-use”

the abrogation of the human rights ofblame should not be restricted just to the government, Iain Duncan Smith, the DWP and ATOS, but also the certain media (eg Daily Express), whose dishonest and self-censoring coverage of the welfare reforms (cuts) has created a dangerously distorted view regarding the least-advantaged within our so-called civilised society.

The suicides which have taken place – not just here in Crawley – as a direct result of these vicious cuts have been beyond a tragedy, and beyond disgrace to any government – local or national – which calls itself caring. This is not caring – this is a monstrous, hidden ‘kulling’.

Iain Duncan Smith’s forthcoming meeting with the Select Committee on December 9 will be a test of this government and its compliant media.

As one of your constituents, I am asking you to provide the mortality statistics are provided – especially in Crawley. DWP already has them, but refuses to disclose the information.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Richard W. Symonds

Rothschild Zionist Cameron’s Hypocrisy: Who shall we Bomb Next?

Street Democracy writes:

The ruling elites are firing up their Rothschild Zionist puppets of which Cameron is but one, to stir up for the war, the war of the century that is. This propaganda will keep on until war is accepted as inevitable. The amount of false flag operations in the planning must be off scale.

The secret black op programs are teaming with secret plans to blow this group up, blow that building over there up, blame these guys here, and start the blame game on international controlled mainstream media.scumbag-govt-wants-end-terrorism-bombing-iraqi-children-vik-politics-1380519579

Mainstream media only ask the questions they are told too. Mainstream media get given scripts to read from and question nothing but obey and do as they are asked too.


Controlled media outlets will exaggerate these false flags, emphasize the blame game and repeat this all day, all week until the public begin to believe the lies they hear.


The ruling wealth, the families that fund wars want their money, they want to depopulate the working classes more and more as the information revolution has taken hold. People of the ordinary are waking up the to political playground and the elites who rule are terrified.8001_458023280932823_1539675080_n

The war will shock us to re-think survival rather than about the deception from mainstream, news, science, pharmaceutical companies, mainstream education all government controlled stuff for a mass indoctrinisation program for our youth. Like Hitler’s youth were, and the young in the book ‘1984’ by George Orwell.war

The ruling elites own the corporations who manufacture the bullets, the bombs, the uniforms and the war vehicles and they make obscene amounts of profit from the orders needed on both sides of the war.

They operate both sides, they manufacture for both sides and this Third World War will be multiple sides, complicated, messy but those elites sit above it all and operate the whole theatre of war.

For more on the build up to propagandise for World War 3 click here for Global Research or continue reading.23905_653016364709625_1850797278_n

‘David Cameron has questioned Sri Lanka’s human rights record before the Commonwealth Summit begins on Friday, yet another example of the intrusive arrogance that goes hand-in-hand with NATO foreign policy, yet another example of sheer hypocrisy, insolence and chauvinism.

The pig-faced arrogance with which NATO committed war crimes in Libya, entering the country with boots on the ground in direct breach of UN Resolutions 1970 and 1973, the sheer callousness of its attacks on civilian targets without any regard for human lives or well-being, the strafing and cold-blooded murder of the Gaddafi grandchildren, roasted alive in their skins by a NATO coward-murderer in a military aircraft, sent a shiver down the spine of every single well-meaning, good human being on this planet.’

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