A Letter Provided By A DWP Whistleblower

A Letter Provided By A DWP Whistleblower by

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A Letter Provided By A DWP Whistleblower by


Councils and housing organisations to boycott workfare programme

Councils and housing organisations to boycott workfare programme 

By Inside Housing-Pictures displayed by Street Democracy.


Street Democracy writes:

The misery in the voices of the unemployed as they stand or sit waiting for their privacy to be violated by some charged up, power hungry work programme consultant is painful to hear.

They are not socially elevating the unemployed into positions of respect and large salary positions to the deserving innately decent sensitive poor, but more like a carnival of mental torture instead.

It is a form of mind rape as the barrage of intimate questions come hollowing at you, by a commanding dialogue of speak of loose your vital money, is outrageous and is blackmail.


A corrupt parasitical mechanism to destroy the psyche of the poor, enslave them, blame them and crush them.

They are doing nothing but transmitting disease gutter policies that amplify misery, magnify a corrupt government to crush the poor but mostly to control the poor.

These work programmes have been designed by ‘think tanks’ disconnected socially and have infiltrated aggressive austerity programmes that look good on paper.


Organisations are standardising blackmail, localising bullying and controlling the poor and not even in the right direction either.

In reality these are detention centre’s intricately imposing, and are needlessly sterile instruments of control.

In reality these consultants are localising bullying, standardising blackmail and controlling the vulnerable poor as if they are commodities to be controlled.

What they are not doing is socially elevating the poor, aiding the desperately ill in positions of employment far removed from slave labouring and minimum wage to give them career fulfilment to suit their individual needs.


Fact, the unemployed are not slaves, we’re not to be disrespected either. We’re treated like vermin, and socially demonised as parasitical. Yet, we are innately decent people trying our best in a cut throat world too, with ill health and no money, its almost impossible.

They are not elevating the working poor out of the cycle of deprivation.

The poor are not receiving large quantities of respect and are not treated as innately decent people.

The poor, the unemployed are instead, regularly hounded, are harassed and pushed forward towards sordid work positions available.


People need time to heal. People need time to be new mothers and fathers, they need time to adjust to disabilities before being pushed out into the job market with added cold scorn like it is today.

This class warfare guarantee’s hard gruel labour, or dead end work placements, guaranteed to make your feet and hands sore while being paid pea nuts.

Your pushed forward to work in a type of hell, a work position that is in a social black hole of no empathy, no decent pay, no respect and no prospects.


This parasite is psychopathic following a psychopathic Tory main frame- but worse is localised organisations adopting this ideology and giving it the power necessary to hound the poor with.

Work placements guaranteed to destroy what little health you had left and you have no choice but to go along or face hunger and serious money deprivation with benefit sanctions.

This sounds like a ‘Gulag Society’  to me.

A Punishing State treating the unemployed as one social annoyance a plague or parasite and is beyond wrong in every way.

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Councils and housing organisations to boycott workfare programme 

By Inside Housing-Pictures displayed by Street Democracy.

Around 350 charity organisations have signed up to boycott the community work placement part of the government’s workfare programme, including 13 councils, two housing organisations and a selection of homelessness charities.


The Keep Volunteering Voluntary campaign has said that 345 organisations have agreed to boycott the programme, including Habinteg Housing Association, Your Homes Newcastle Youth Voice, Shelter, Shelter Cymru and Swansea Young Single Homeless Project.

Union Unite has also signed up and, through its Unite Against Workfare campaign, has already secured agreements from several councils that they will not take workfare placements. These councils have said they will also encourage contractors to do the same.

The 13 councils that have signed up at present are: Barking and Dagenham, Brent, Burnley, Edinburgh, Ipswich, Islington, Lambeth, Norwich, South Tyneside, St Helens, Sunderland, Thurrock and Wakefield.

The scheme is part of the government’s help to work programme under which participants must either sign on at a Jobcentre every day, take up a training course or carry out a six-month, 30-hour-a-week placement.

The KVV said opposition to the scheme appears to be related to the community work placement element being delayed. the help to work scheme was launched on 28 April, and these placements should have already begun, according to the campaign.

A spokesperson for the Department for Work and Pensions said: ‘Referrals to the placements have begun and the placements will begin shortly. There has been no delay. Charities are under no obligation to be in the scheme, but those who are recognise the benefits of it.’

Why the Conservatives Iain Duncan Smith should resign

Why the Conservatives Iain Duncan Smith should resign


Localised staff at Job Centre’s are the tools used to give power to IDS machine of social repression towards the unemployed. Towards innately decent people, the sensitive poor are being crushed.

Street Democracy writes:

Iain Duncan Smith is mentally ingrained to punish the poor including the disabled poor, those unwell and unfit to work with his sadistic inclinations of financial butchery.

His unsophisticated demonisation and social butchery towards those on low incomes, part time workers, those unable to contribute to a working week, is off scale with his spiteful tongue and tones of disdain.


Creating aggressive policies for a collective localised despair. The unemployed are thrown into unknown poverty.

Enshrining into law, localised mental torturous activities from Job Centre Plus and all affiliated organisations that have attached themselves with financially blackmailing the unemployed like Royal British Legion has, to name but one.

It is often impossible to curb their hatred towards us.


Welfare benefits are force behind the poor rationing of food and enforced obedience as they blindly follow this evil in print. Iain Duncan Smith needs to be sacked and immediately and then held accountable for the social trauma he has caused.


Consultants smugly dictate what the unemployed have to do, or they will stop your benefits at any point, taking food away from those that need it most.

It is localised bullying and oppression.

It has turned Crawley, my home town in West Sussex into a giant detention centre, a ‘Gulag’ society of unjust treatment and deliberate infliction of pain.


IDS architecture of castigating the lower classes with Draconian aggressive and hostile laws is empowered with gutter administration by local Job Centre Staff.

They amplify misery with each breath they take, taking free will away as they instruct you to visit them or dance to their plans for you.

Refusal and you won’t get your benefits, your essential life saving money they care not for you, as the stench of gutter policies and decay of our democracy rots behind them.


This is the monopolisation of force towards the unemployed. Magnifying blackmail, amplifying hardship and misery. with death dealing policies.

The Tories, are orchestrating work at the lower end of the scale to be long hard labouring gruel.

The IDS of this government have made it socially, impossible for the poor to leave this and break away from this unfair economic system.

The evil’s crippling the poor with receiving only a minimum wage for payment of making their bodies weaker, their hands sore and their tired feet ache for standing all day behind tills.

Iain Duncan Smith is deliberately damaging and attacking the low-income earners as he destroys the poor’s human psyche with his parasitical infrastructure that steals wealth away from the poor into the hands of the rich.


Hypocritical liar and two faced cheek to dare critique the poor when this man has no moral fibre in his cold reptilian body.

This man is biased, corrupt and psychopathic.

Iain Duncan Smith is uncompassionate by nature and serves only to empower the social elites of our nation.

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Why the Conservatives Iain Duncan Smith should resign

His welfare schemes keep imploding, severely ill people keep being declared fit for work and so many people are falling through cracks in the benefits system that food bank use surpassed a million this year. Yet Iain Duncan Smith soldiers on.

The media seem obsessed with discussing Ed Miliband’s appearance, but the man who has overseen the chaos and misery of the Department for Work and Pensions – DWP is still in his #job – a serious media would call for this ridiculous man to resign.

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Why the Conservatives Iain Duncan Smith should resign

PCS Conference: Jobcentre Staff Demand End Of ‘Despicable’ Benefits Sanctions From Iain Duncan Smith

PCS Conference: Jobcentre Staff Demand End Of ‘Despicable’ Benefits Sanctions From Iain Duncan Smith-The Morning Star

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The financial slaughter came unexpected after millions of poor had agreed financial agreements to pay for items to furnish homes-left now with debts piling and no money for food.

Street Democracy writes:

This is very late.

This toxic form of social policy has shunted the poor out of the political apparatus, silencing their voices, ignoring the pleas of desperate families so poor, they’re missing meals.

It was astounding to even consider how staff at the Job Centre actually found this punishing regime enjoyable at first by embracing this hostile format from 9-5 pm.

No remorse, inflicting spiteful hostility,by a form of wilful arrogance of Job Centre staff suffering from DWP endemic brainwashing of be brutal to these no good parasites.


The language of force, following DWP’s aggressive benefit agenda has standardised and localised oppression and bullying of the poor.

‘Take that, you lazy scrounger!’ Eagerly watching with cold eyes at how they have just amplified misery, legitimising the crushing of those financially destitute, and localising oppression at the same time.

However, the political awakening is growing faster and people, even Job Centre staff are witnessing a poison of toxic hate being directed to the unemployed.


The astute minds busily working this aggressive benefit agenda should have thrown this into the gutter, the moment it landed on their Job Centre door way.

And get rid of G4S!, while you’re at complaining to the suited psychopath Iain Duncan Smith.

Our power grid is deeply corrupt, dysfunctional and filled with ‘out of touch’ Eton gutter and this should be addressed also.


Society conquered by psychopathic, no empathy elitism and corporate control have designed a punishing infrastructure, a real life detention centre for the disabled poor or those unable to contribute to a working week.

This powerless suit has destroyed the poor further and created social turmoil that is often unrepairable.

The Tories toxic pollution towards the poor has marginalised ‘us’ further into the social black hole, a form of exclusion from mainstream society while we are a washed with corporate crime and politicians milking hundreds of thousands from the expenses quota.


The iron fist’s of blue slamming down upon the poor but the criminal elites, the corporate crimes are given tax breaks and tax payer’s money. Which is the real crime?

The financial destitution of innately decent folk have found themselves into serious financial trouble of money lending companies who have a perpetual debt and threat on their doorstep.

Society for the unemployed has turned into one giant detention centre, where prisoners or the unemployed are treated as criminals, treated as toxic for society, but heads are slowly beginning to turn to look into the eyes of the ‘far right’.


Capitalism is corrupt, it was designed by the rich, for the rich and they have no intention of giving their wealth away.

A language of force, the hijacking of society by ruling elites standardising oppression, blaming with silly names of slander to the poor when in fact, their friends in high places are not paying millions in taxes.

Their corporate pals are also not paying millions in taxes, but let us not focus upon them.

Let us instead blame the unemployed for not wanting to work, long hours of hard gruelling labour that makes their limbs sore, for no pay or little pay in stead.


People are missing meals. In Crawley I know of this. The new diet of the poor is malnutrition, lacking in multiple vitamins. Cheap chemical based foods are just as toxic and do nothing for diets of the poor.

Let us hope now, minds are awakening to the corporate take over our government, and the corrupt political apparatus controlled by elites has conquered our society and not for the better for us, but only for those few, mainly politicians and corporate bosses.

Enough of this rubbish and well done to the Job Centre for finally waking up!


Job Centre we need a language of humility, empathy and independence from government. If you don’t like the sound of a policy, then don’t localise it, send it back to Westminster and tell these elites ‘not good enough, try again’. Never fear David Cameron and likes!

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Labour exchange employees say they are ‘depressed’ by making people destitute on the orders of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith

FRONTLINE Jobcentre staff renewed their campaign yesterday to scrap Tory benefit sanctions they are forced to hand down to Britain’s worst off.

Civil servants protested at PCS conference about the impact of the government’s welfare policies they witness everyday at work.

Unemployment benefit of just £71 per week can be stopped for two weeks under sanctions introduced by Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith.

Jobcentre worker Martin Humphrey told delegates about the “depressing” task of telling people their benefits have been stopped.

He said: “We have to say to people that they have to live on nothing for two weeks.

“To make people destitute for two weeks is despicable.”

Jobcentre staff exposed once again how they are given sanction targets to hit — a claim Mr Duncan Smith continues to deny.

Britain’s pensioners are also given just £110 a week while disabled people face cruel tests by private comapanies, PCS vice president John McInally pointed out.

He said the result has been soaring demand at food banks, a rise in homelessness and hate attacks on disabled people.

And he said: “As a union, we have a duty to stand up for our members and our services.

“It’s disgraceful that our members’ job to help people is being turned on its head in order to attack the most poor and vulnerable.”


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PCS Conference: Jobcentre Staff Demand End Of ‘Despicable’ Benefits Sanctions From Iain Duncan Smith-The Morning Star

A Guide to JSA sanctions

A Guide to JSA sanctions by kittysjones We are all equally precious.

Pictures displayed by Street Democracy


JSA sanctions

Sanctions against claimants have reached record levels and it is very clear that they are being imposed for the tiniest deviation from agreements or even for no good reason whatsoever.

They are now affecting not just JSA claimants but also ESA claimants – particularly those forced onto the work programme.


Below we’ve given our top tips for avoiding sanctions and some of the most outrageous examples of unfair sanctions that we have come across.

We also explain how to sue the DWP or work programme provider if they make an activity mandatory and it is unreasonable because of your health condition or disability


But we’d very much like to hear from you about your experience of sanctions, or threats of sanctions, and also any advice you can give fellow claimants on how to avoid or challenge unfair sanctions.

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Too Proud or Too Scared To Visit Ruthless Cold and Unfriendly Job Centre?

Tragic youngster killed himself because he couldn’t get a job – but was too proud to claim benefits by the Mirror


We the Tories have socially demonised all unemployed as worthless lay abouts. We have socially engineered all Job Centres to treat the unemployed as ‘useless eaters’ who need to be re-educated by financial sanctions that will force them to take any job-or face economic destitution.

Street Democracy writes:

If you have the luxury of visiting the Job Centre then you’ll know what an awful ordeal it is.

It’s interesting that just after 24 hours on visiting the Job Centre this poor young man is left so deflated, so depressed and disillusioned that he commits suicide.

The atmosphere is vile, the jobs on offer are often out of date so no doubt by the time he had got in touch the vacancy may have been filled. 


A psychopathic main frame is being regurgitated by benefit agents up and down the UK. A Punishing State forcing the unemployed to be treated as ‘free range’ prisoners of the State.

Quite often the Job Centre that has been labelled to be filled with lazy scroungers has a bad reputation and anyone applying from there is being scraped from the bottom of the unemployment pile where employers show you no mercy, no respect and don’t bother with you.

The whole ordeal has been socially decimated by vile minds of the elites and the puppets of the benefits staff who regurgitate attitudes forcing those unemployed to listen to tones of disdain and disapproval the moment they sit down.



My local Job Centre you are greeted by over weight heavy henchmen from G4S who try with no people skills to welcome you in. 

What this is actually saying is, disagree, question the authority here, be critical in any way, and we’ll be on you like a rat plague and physically escort you out.

These doorman are an integral part to Job seeking.


One man sat down 1 minute late and the cow behind the desk, reduced his benefits by a week.


She financially, socially and psychologically decimated this man.

Literally obliterated his economic finances away and all this man could do was sit there in silence.

It was the silence that hit me hardest.

He sat there in shock at her cruel tone and her over all competence of all power and enjoying the removal and disempowering of ‘us’.



When they do aim to help you its more forced upon you.

‘Do as we tell you or we’ll cut your benefits’ and ‘yes this is mandatory’ is another. 

Leaving you with no choices, no freedom to speak, no freedom of expression for fear of the G4S henchmen to suddenly stand behind you.


Apart from ripping pregnant women from wheelchairs at our local immigration centre, G4S also aids in security for Israel against Palestine’s and is heavily involved in the Apartheid.

The overall Job Centre is nothing more than a factory of pain and disempowerment, a work camp or plantation unit for free range prisoners to attend, like detention centres at a certain time or get punished, sanctioned and blackmailed further.

The corporation has destroyed small business enterprise now locals can’t make a simple honest day’s living without prostituting themselves to firms or companies.


You have to abide by the rules of unemployment and face the ridicule by this Tory Punishing State or face economic destitution.

May this young man that had everything to live for never be forgotten that he tried to survive in a toxic political atmosphere and how this isn’t and wasn’t his fault.

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Tragic youngster killed himself because he couldn’t get a job – but was too proud to claim benefits


All desperate Martin Hadfield wanted was a job. Any job.

The 20-year-old applied for dozens – all without success.

And eventually he was left so demoralised he took his own life, an inquest heard.

Despite being unemployed for months, proud Martin refused to accept state handouts.

In the space of just 12 weeks he tried for 40 jobs. But most of his applications failed to generate even a courteous response.

His family claim he was being undercut on wages by younger and less experienced candidates.

They say the qualified gardener felt “put down with no self worth”.

And just 24 hours after his last meeting with Jobcentre staff, Martin was found dead at his flat.

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PETITION-IDS WORK CAMPS-We the ‘people’ demand a Public Inquiry into Benefit Sanctions, Targets & Workfare – Iain Duncan Smith to be expelled from the House of Commons

We the ‘people’ demand a Public Inquiry into Benefit Sanctions, Targets & Workfare – Iain Duncan Smith to be expelled from the House of Commons




A Guide To DWP Euphemisms-SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites)

A Guide To DWP Euphemisms-SPeye Joe (Welfarewrites) pictures displayed by Street Democracy


‘Reintroducing fairness to the welfare system’ – introducing means-testing in order to dismantle the welfare system.

‘Fairness’ – discriminating against people.

‘Creating a system based on fairness’ – ignoring need, in favour of targets.

‘Work experience’ – unpaid labour.


‘Fit to work’ – somebody suffering from an incapacitating condition, whose heart still beats.

‘Tough’ – punitive.

‘Tough but fair’ – punitive and arbitrary.

‘Employment Support Allowance’ – financial support for people incapable of retaining employment due to illness/disability.

‘Unconditional support’ – strictly conditional support.


‘Scrounger’ – somebody who is poor.

‘Hardworking people’ – people on very high salaries, such as company executives.

‘Striver’ – somebody who works for a low salary, and who doesn’t object to a pay cut. Alternatively, somebody who works for a high salary, and who doesn’t object to a pay rise.

‘Skiver’ – somebody who is temporarily too ill to work…


View original 506 more words 

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Don’t cut off people’s benefits while the Government gives a second opinion on who is fit for work


Don’t cut off people’s benefits while the Government gives a second opinion on who is fit for work





Jobseekers face losing benefits if they refuse zero-hours contracts

Jobseekers face losing benefits if they refuse zero-hours contracts


Infiltrating a Punishing State, by demonisation tactics towards the unemployed from morally bankrupt unaccountable Tory politicians who have forcibly silenced the poor.

Street Democracy writes: 

Legions of Tory morally bankrupt politicians are drunk on power dictating absurdities that humiliate, demonise and penalise the out out of work, the unemployed and the working poor.

Heavy financial sanctions, a punishing agenda, enshrined into law also is guilty of silencing the poor, stripping them of all dignity and describing them with insults to shatter the minds of those vulnerable and in need of welfare benefits.


Localising financial blackmail, this Punishing State is being given power by those front line administrators liaising with the unemployed. It is localising blackmail our government is acting more like a Mafia outfit.

This is modern day work programming of slave labour and manipulating employment figures to suit the Punishing State Tory agenda.

This political infrastructure has no humility towards the unemployed who stand in splendid isolation with all routes to democracy blocked and dug up.

The Job Centre staff are cold and hold no empathy turning this place into a detention centre of heavy and vital financial sanctions to destroy even the hardest of soul’s.


It is so apparent the Tories are wealth accumulating and protecting their wealth, taking from the poor and blaming a spiteful game of demonising the poor.

This isn’t the way forward to a healthy economy or a healthy community with degrading and humiliating strategies for the unemployed while being demonised by government spineless, out of touch politicians. 

This is another Tory reckless work policy for the unemployed, that of work for your benefits of face loosing them.

The problem is, the work being offered may not be suitable, especially if you have been struck as fit for work when your mind and body is tells you otherwise.


The new diet of today for the poor is of malnutrition. A Tory manifesto and demonisation principle thrown towards the unemployed, disabled people and those unable to work for health reasons.

If a single mother is finding life hard enough raising children by herself, there is no room for compassion, to allow her to grow and get accustomed to life, she has to work or loose her benefits.

If someone is getting over an operation, getting over mental health issues, there is no time to heal.

There is no time for these innocent, innately sensitive and decent people to deal with life without the heavy threats of blackmail by ruthless efficiency being slung at them.

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Jobseekers face losing benefits if they refuse zero-hours contracts

‘Unemployed people who refuse to take controversial zero-hour contracts could face losing their benefits for up to three years, according to a report.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) confirmed that sanctions could be imposed on people who turn down an offer of work even if it came with no guarantee of a full-time wage.

This is possible because Universal Credit should adjust the levels of benefit automatically to correspond with the number of hours worked.’

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