This Is What Austerity Looks Like –Suicide's Due To Bedroom Tax/Benefit Caps/Hardship!|uk-bb|dl1|sec3_lnk3%26pLid%3D173371

Benefit Cuts Caused Disabled Yorkshire Man Nicholas Barker To

Take His Life, Rules Coroner.



A man took his own life after worrying about how he would survive after his benefits were stopped, a coroner has said.

Nicholas Barker, a former farm labourer from Yorkshire, was already paralysed down the left side of his body after a brain haemorrhage more than a decade before. He was found dead in his garden with a shotgun at his feet on December 10 last year, the

The 51-year-old had been due to attend an appeal hearing a week later against a decision to stop his benefits, his ex-wife told the inquest. Linda Barker said: “He was going for a drink and seemed happy but he wanted me to help him go through his benefit papers because he was worried that he was going to be sent back to work.

“I told him not to worry as he wasn’t able to work and I said I would come and see him.”

Mr Barker’s doctor submitted a note saying he had spoken with the 51-year-old who had been worried after the assessment ruled he did not qualify for certain benefits.

He died from his head injuries, according to coroner Michael Oakley who added: “The main factor worrying him was that his benefits had been stopped and had he attended the appeal he may have been successful, but it did not get that far,” he said. “It is evident that the matter was concerning him greatly.”

In December Ian Lavery, MP for Wansbeck, called on the Prime Minister do more for disabled people after receiving a suicide note in the post from a man who had taken his own life after finding out he was no longer entitled to employment and support allowance and disability benefits.

“Across the UK there are over 1,000 people who have died only months after being told to find work,” he told the Commons, adding that he did not want to name the man in question because he wished to respect his family’s privacy. “This is 2012. We are supposed to be a civilised society. We should be looking after the disabled citizens.”

Father with financial worries who owed payday loan

firms £1,600 set himself  on fire after being bombarded

with phone calls and text messages

  • Antony Breeze, 36, from Bolton, died saying:  ‘I’ve had enough’
  • Investigations revealed he owed cash to  several loan companiesAntony Breeze with his partner Amanda Lowe. An inquest heard how Mr Breeze, 36, of Horwich, Bolton, set himself on fire after getting into debt with payday loan firmsAntony Breeze with his partner Amanda Lowe. An inquest  heard how Mr Breeze, 36, of Horwich, Bolton, set himself on fire after getting  into debt with payday loan firms
  • Inquest heard he often had to borrow money to make ends  meet
  • In the hour before he died, Mr Breeze  received texts from three of them

A father struggling to cope with mounting  debts to payday loan companies died after setting himself on fire, an inquest  has heard.

In the hours before his death, Antony Breeze  received text messages from three different loan firms reminding him he owed  them £1,600.

On the day he ended his life, the 36-year-old  told his girlfriend, Amanda Lowe, that he was buying petrol for her father’s  lawnmower.

Minutes later he went to a secluded alleyway  near his home in Horwich, Bolton, where he set himself on fire.

A man who tried to help him told the inquest  that before being put into the ambulance Mr Breeze said to him ‘I’ve had enough.  I’m in debt’.

He was taken to Wythenshawe Hospital,  Manchester, but died a few hours later after suffering burns over 73 per cent of  his body.

Miss Lowe said: ‘He had phone calls all night  on Thursday  night, his phone never stopped ringing, he wouldn’t tell me  who it was. He went  into the bathroom, I didn’t know who it was.’

She added: ‘I can’t understand why he did  it.’

Tories’ benefits cuts killed Stephanie Bottrill – Stop the bedroom

tax now198933_170293186468983_2050141194_n

Stephanie Bottrill, a pensioner in Solihull, was losing £20 a week because of the bedroom tax. The council had nowhere smaller for her to move to after her children left home. Stephanie was on constant medication for the auto-immune disease Myasthenia gravis and was too ill to work.

She used hot water bottles instead of central heating all winter to save money. The bedroom tax was the last straw. Stephanie told her neighbours, “I can’t afford to live”. Last week she threw herself under a lorry and died.

In her suicide note to her son Steven Stephanie said, “Don’t blame yourself for me ending my life. The only people to blame are the government.” Anger over Stephanie’s suicide has piled pressure on the government.  Thousands of people have signed a petition calling on Iain Duncan Smith to resign for indirectly causing her death.

Even Labour’s shadow chancellor Ed Balls joined the criticism, saying the Tories were pushing people to “the brink of despair”. Steven called on the government to scrap the tax.

“I think my mum wanted to get it out there what happened,” he said.

“Hopefully now someone will listen. Someone will change things.”

Coalition blamed for bedroom tax


A 53-year-old woman who killed herself ten days ago blamed the government’s ‘bedroom tax’ in a suicide note, it has emerged.

Stephanie Bottrill, who lived in Solihull, threw herself in front of a lorry on the M6 motorway after realising she could not cope with the extra £80 a month caused by the coalition government’s changes. “Don’t blame yourself for me ending my life,” she wrote in the note, to her 27-year-old son 270569_487335071299537_1054593205_nSteven Bottrill. “The only people to blame are the government.”

Her son told the Sunday People, which reported the story, his mother had rung him saying she was struggling to cope days beforehand. “She was fine before this bedroom tax,” he said. “It was dreamt up in London, by people in offices and big houses. “They have no idea the effect it has on people like my mum.”

David Cameron has been forced to defend the coalition’s decision to end the ‘spare room subsidy’ on a weekly basis in recent prime minister’s questions. The policy sees housing benefit recipients lose 14% of their payout for one spare bedroom and 25% for two spare bedrooms. Stephanie Bottrill had two spare bedrooms in her home, which cost her £320 a month. She had lived in the property for 18 years.

Comments underneath the Sunday People’s article suggested her despair is shared by others. “I TOO HAVE FELT LIKE TAKING MY OWN LIFE READING THIS REPORT IT WAS LIKE READING ABOUT MYSELF,” one reader wrote. “I CRY CONSTANTLY AND WORRY ALL THE TIME SO YES SUICIDE HAS ENTERED MY MIND.”

Dad of two killed himself because he was losing his disability

benefits Tragic: Nick Barker killed himself because he was losing his disability benefits

20 Apr 2013 22:00

Former sheep farmer Nick Barker was told he was fit for work even though a  brain haemorrhage had left him ­struggling to walk

George Osborne sobbed in a public show of grief at Margaret Thatcher’s  funeral – meanwhile there were private tears for a victim of his government’s  welfare cuts. They came after a dad of two killed himself because he was losing his  disability benefits, the Sunday People  reports.

Former sheep farmer Nick Barker, 51, was told he was fit for work, even  though a brain haemorrhage had left him ­struggling to walk. He shot himself after the shock verdict by Atos, the ­private drafted in  by the Department of Work and Pensions to cut claimants.

His family were still reeling from the tragedy when Tory Chancellor Mr  Osborne was pictured weeping at last Wednesday’s service in London for Baroness  Thatcher.

Nick’s ex-wife Linda, the mother of his children, said yesterday: “It doesn’t  seem right to see George Osborne crying over Margaret Thatcher when tragedies  are happening because of the way his ­government is reforming the benefits  system.”

Linda, 52, who was still close friends with Nick, added: “He was a  ­lovely man. I can’t help but feel anger. It was clearly distressing him. He  wanted a way out.” Nick had been told he did not score enough points to continue receiving  benefits.

But Linda, a chef who was wed to him for 12 years, said: “He clearly couldn’t  work. He should have been top of the list for benefits. The points system  doesn’t work.”


Bedroom Tax suicide: Brave driver who tried to save Stephanie

Bottrill begs  Coalition to scrap chargeBattle: Mike Wallis tried to revive Stephanie

He begged David Cameron to scrap the tax to prevent any more householders  taking their lives as Stephanie did because she could not afford to  pay

A driver last night told how he tried to revive Bedroom  Tax victim Stephanie Bottrill after she jumped in front of a lorry. Mike Wallis braved traffic to reach her stricken body, but his efforts to  resuscitate the mum of two failed. And he begged David Cameron to scrap the tax to prevent any more householders  taking their lives as Stephanie did because she could not afford to pay.

The 27-year-old said: “It’s disgusting. I only found out yesterday she had  committed suicide over the Bedroom Tax. “It’s so shocking that it has put someone up to do something so extreme.  These ­politicians sit in cushy offices in London not realising the impact  they have on people’s lives.

“They should have given it more thought.” Stephanie left a suicide note blaming the Government for her dire financial  plight after she was hit with an £80 Bedroom Tax bill. Her children had left the council house in Solihull, West Mids, leaving two  spare rooms.    Steven Bottrill (Bedroom Tax) – This Morning

Balls warns of “despair” over welfare cuts after bedroom tax


This Is What Austerity Looks Like – First Suicide Due To Bedroom Tax Reported

“There is no doubt this policy is driving people to the edge of despair,” says the shadow chancellor in response to the case of Stephanie Bottrill.

Today’s Sunday People features the distressing story of a woman who threw herself in front of a motorway lorry because she was worried about how she would pay the “bedroom tax”. One should always be wary of ascribing motives to any suicide, but in this case there does appear to be a direct link.

In a letter to her son, the woman, Stephanie Bottrill, wrote: “Don’t blame yourself for me ending my life, it’s my life, the only people to blame are the government, no one else.”

The son told the paper: “I couldn’t believe it. She said not to blame ourselves, it was the government and what they were doing that caused her to do it. She was fine before this bedroom tax. It was dreamt up in London, by people in offices and big houses. They have no idea the effect it has on people like my mum.”

This Is What Austerity Looks Like – First Suicide Due To

Bedroom Tax Reported

Stephanie-BottrillThe welfare reform death toll has risen by one more tragic victim the Sunday People is reporting.  The papers says:

Ten days ago Stephanie Bottrill sat in the redbrick terrace house which had been home for 18 years to write notes to her loved ones, the Sunday People reports .

She ripped the pages from a spiral-bound notebook and placed them neatly in little brown envelopes.

There was one for her son. Another for her daughter. Her mother. Friends. And a very special one for the year-old grandson she doted on.

Then in the early hours of last Saturday Stephanie, 53, left her home for the last time, leaving her cat Joey behind as the front-door clicked shut.

She crossed her road in Meriden Drive, Solihull, to drop one of her letters and her house keys through a neighbour’s letterbox. Then she walked 15 minutes through the sleeping estate to Junction 4 of the M6.

And at 6.15am she walked straight into the path of a northbound lorry and was killed instantly. Stephanie Bottrill had become the first known suicide victim of the hated Bedroom Tax.

In the letter to her son, Steven, 27, she had written: “Don’t blame yourself for me ending my life. The only people to blame are the Government.”

This is what happens when people are left with nothing at all, something the millionaire scum in Government will never understand.  Money runs out for most of us, and very quickly if you are on benefits.  It’s hard to even think about anything else if you have no money.  If it goes on for days, or weeks or longer it can be torture.   Even before welfare reforms the benefits system was not generous.  It did contain some strange anomalies, usually down to the huge cost of renting in some parts of the UK, but people on benefits were already living in dire poverty.  It was landlords living it up, not claimants.  Yet a handful of unusual cases – often large homeless families in expensive, emergency housing – have been presented as the norm and used as cover to slash social security even further.

When you take away money from people in already in poverty it drives them to destitution.  Desperate people do desperate things.  Yes there will always be a complex combination of factors in tragic deaths such as these.  But homelessness, hunger and despair are not trivial matters that can be cleared up with a bit of counselling or a work related activity meeting with some welfare-to-work poverty pimp.  They don’t go away – not without money.  So whilst Iain Duncan Smith hands about billions to Atos, A4e and his friends in the private sector remember Stephanie Bottrill.  She didn’t need incentivising, assessing, motivating to find those ‘hidden vacancies’ or any other bullshit.  She was too ill to work, and there aren’t any vacancies, hidden or otherwise in many parts of the UK.

She needed twenty quid a week because she was poor and couldn’t pay her rent and was going to lose her home.  What little she had in this world, this Government took away, and now she is dead.  And she was someone’s mum.  The price of her life was  just half of what Iain Duncan Smith spends on breakfast in a day, let alone a week.

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There are a few dark grim shadows that surround us, us being those who live as social housing tenants under the command of either local council or housing associations that today paint a bleak picture of localised housing politics. These grim times are now seeing innocent peace loving individuals become so helpless, so desperate and alone that the thought of loosing their home is enough for them to take their own life. heartsky1

The black shadows hang menacingly over our lives that doesn’t inspire any pride and shouldn’t of all those who have followed through with implementation of this outrageously cold, heartless and rotten policy. The ‘Bedroom Tax’ has an enormous grim shadow hovering over it, over our heads and has now filtered into our homes and in to our lives. From the moment the Tories paraded this idealism to suit their agenda, into legislation threatening us with eviction, debt, serious poverty or move out of your home, for some the loss of income, the loss of their home became all too much.

This current decisions lacks empathy and the ‘Bedroom Tax’ holds in itself no moral duty towards the social housing tenant, are held in high esteem with Conservative Politicians who know nothing of poverty, who are all privileged themselves and have their own massive accumulation of wealth. What gives them the legitimacy to know us, to know how we live, where is their wisdom or common sense on the matter of being poor?

This Doomsday procedure filled with moving dark shadows reduces the individual to a cheap, worthless commodity, a piece of something, anything but the priceless biological unique computer, the top of its kind, a physical and spiritual human being that we are. All the ‘Bedroom Tax’ creates is regional and community tensions as the poor penalised for being poor gain unsightly grimmer clouds ever menacing and ever tormenting increasing our debt. This ‘Bedroom Tax’ does somehow need serious addressing. It needs challenging, it needs some serious reflection because this is now taking lives, when life isn’t valued beyond priceless and where Governmental figures do not see they have no right to sentence an innocent person to their death over these senseless Welfare Reform Act.

We don’t question Government power and assume their unelected ‘think tanks’ know what they are doing and can be trusted to produce strategic and socio-economic advise on social housing that has our interests at heart, and is for our gain. This trust is unquestionable as with their legitimacy to rule power over us, the people.

Crawley Independent Tenants Association can only send out love to the recent suicide victim, and know how Callums List holds more dear names over cuts to the welfare system (ATOS) that seriously hurts certain individuals. We can only hope that Iain Duncan Smith grows some compassion over this tragedy, admits the Bedroom Tax is not worth tormenting the poor further and risk their lives, but let us not hold our breaths. For Iain Duncan Smith is a lot of things, but sentimental isn’t one of them, or warm and compassionate and may just continue thrashing his weight, slashing the finances away from the poor, moving ahead as planned to suit his cold callous far right Tory agenda of Bedroom Tax or move!

Debbie Simmons, Council Tenant, CITA.

You Tube:

Bedroom Tax victim commits suicide in£££Stephanie-Bottrill-Bedroom-tax-death-story-Copy-of-letter-left-to-son-Steven-Bottrill-1883435

a world that doesn’t care

(well, the government doesn’t)

Sunday, 12 May 2013 11:32

For fuck’s sake, how long are people going to take this shit?  Human Race GET OFF YOUR KNEES!


Stephanie Bottrill Bedroom tax death story. Copy of letter left to son Steven

Bedroom Tax tragedy must act as a

wake-up call

11 May 2013 20:45

The Sunday People has been campaigning  against the Bedroom Tax … not in our worst nightmares did we imagine that it  would it claim a life

Stephanie  Bottrill threw herself in front of a motorway lorry because the Bedroom Tax  was too much for her.

Her suicide note urges her family not to blame themselves. Stephanie was  quite clear. She blamed the Government. She blamed the Government for charging her an extra £20 a week she could not  afford. She blamed the Government for hounding her from the home where she brought up  her children and where she had lived happily for 18 years.

She blamed the Government for a cruel tax which would part her from the  family, friends and neighbours she cherished. She blamed the Government for not being able to afford to live any  more.

Monday, 28 January 201373354_248164588660862_1988430939_n

We Are Taxing the Bedrooms of Dead Children

It was reported today that when seven year old Becky Bell died of Cancer, her council sent her family a £672 bill for her newly empty bedroom due to the new Spare Bedroom Tax on the poor. Britain is a colder place since the passing of the Welfare Reform Act 2012, which seeks to radically change the concept of social security. The social contract is being replaced with a Victorian welfare system.  Today we look at the creeping impacts of the Welfare Reform Act and how it is making the poorest in the land suffer the consequences of the crimes of the wealthiest.
A Tax on ‘Spare’ Bedrooms? For Real?
The Coalition Governments bedroom tax stipulates that anyone claiming housing benefit faces cuts in their payments relative to the ‘under occupancy’ of their home.  If they class you as having one room more than needed, you lose 14% and it rises to a 25% cut if you’re classed as having two.  To anyone familiar with being poor, losing between £10-25 per week means choosing between eating three meals a day and having the heating on for an hour in the evening.
Do we really, as a nation, need to add to the suffering of a grieving family, the burden of making this kind of decision?
Inside Housing report that the plan will impact 660,000 social housing tenants, around two thirds of which will contain a person with a disability.  For all this suffering, the government aims to save £500m a year.  In the same budget, the Chancellor decided to cut the rate of tax paid by the richest people in the UK at a cost of £3bn.
WorkFare – The End of Social Security
The social contract as most of us understand it, reads that if a person finds themselves unemployed through circumstance, sickness or disability – they receive social security payments until or unless they can find new work.  This is based on the idea that whilst in work, they contribute to the system through national insurance and taxes.  However, the ideological underpinning of WorkFare, the government’s Work Programme is that benefit claimants must earn their payments, real time.  So the government has a collection of corporations and charities who receive free labour, paid for by the tax payer. Benefit claimants must work up to 30 hours per week, for up to 13 weeks at a time, for nothing more than the social security payment they are entitled to by their citizenship of the country.  They also face total withdrawal of the payments if they refuse to comply.
This is not a social security programme.  It is a forced labour programme.  Not only that, but with 3 million people unemployed, it places yet more competition in the jobs market.  It incentivises companies NOT to employ people. It also stands in the way of WorkFare victims applying and interviewing for real jobs as their time is committed to the programme.  370,000 people were referred to the WorkFare programme June and November 2011.  This scheme is set to cost the taxpayer £5bn.
The final kicker, the government counts people in WorkFare as employed.
ATOS – Fit to Work Assessments
“The test of a good society is how do you protect the poorest, the most vulnerable, the elderly, the frail. That’s important in good times, it’s even more important in difficult times. People need to know that if they have me as their Prime Minister and they have a Conservative government, it will be that sort of Prime Minister.”
The Labour government of 2008 brought in ATOS to conduct Fitness to Work assessments for the Department of Work and pensions as part of changing Incapacity Benefit to Employment Support Allowance. Most disability campaigners have no issue with the principle of testing a person’s capability to find out what they can do and how employers can support them in doing it.  This is common sense. However, the Coalition government has decided to assess the entire 2.6m population claiming ESA in just one year.  The test has been reduced to a simple tick box computer based exercise where a person is classed fit to work, or not.  The whole approach, the media messaging, the letters to claimants are wrapped in suspicion – ‘we’re doing this because a lot of you are fakers, and we are going to find every last one of you.’
The People’s Review of the Work Capability Assessment carries the personal experiences of the people undergoing the assessments.  A person with a brain tumour, left disabled after having their left cerebellum amputated who has no balance and is still terminally ill – deemed Fit to Work. A person who, after a 35 year working life, was suffering deafness, IBS and hiatus hernia – deemed Fit for work. A 60 year old, single man with 80% paralysis who undertook his assessment three weeks before going to hospital for a major lung operation – deemed Fit to Work.
Or 60 year old Daniel Shurmer, a double heart bypass patient in post operative intensive care – deemed Fit to Work. A parliamentary debate on the issue on 17th January 2013 revealed one woman suffering severe bouts of daily incontinence, often requiring hospitalisation as a result of Crohns disease – deemed Fit to Work…if she wears a nappy.
Perhaps one voice sums it up best, taken from the Peoples Review:
This week, the government refused to exempt cancer sufferers undergoing chemotherapy from the Work Capability Assessment.  This means people suffering cancer and facing exhausting chemotherapy and radiotherapy, not to mention the emotional strain of facing death, will face the Atos assessors and join the other sick and disabled people joining the queue at the Job Centre – and end up on the WorkFare programme outlined above.
To date, 41% of the decisions have been appealed, with 38% of those successful.  This cost the taxpayer £60m last year, over half of the £110m is costs to run the Work Capability Assessment process.  Meanwhile, over 11,000 people a week are grinded through this meat machine of the policy.  According to the government’s own figures, 1,300 people have died after being deemed fit to work, 2,200 people have died before their assessment is complete, and 7,100 people have died after being deemed unfit to work, and 29 people have committed suicide facing the threat of impending impoverishment.
Enough is Enough
The UK’s top 100 wealthiest people saw their fortunes rise to a record high in 2012, whilst the bottom 10% of wage earners saw their incomes shrink by 3% in real terms.
Enough is enough.
It is as simple as this:
If the government can afford to spend £3
bn a year on a tax cut for the wealthiest in the land, then we do not need to tax the bedrooms of dead children.
If we can allow Google, Amazon, Starbucks and Tory Donor’s Lyca Mobile to pay zero Corporation Tax, we do not need to harass sick, mentally ill and extremely disabled people to the Job Centre.  If we are truly requiring austerity, then we should not be funding the free labour of the unemployed, the sick, and the disabled for corporations.
Enough is enough.
This is not austerity; this is a war on the poor and the social contract itself.  End the crime of a government which siphons public money into private pockets, and pays for tax cuts for the richest by cutting the security and services of the poorest.
JANICE MARTIN said she fears the new Con-Dem tax will force her out of her home in Coatbridge.

A DISABLED Scot has told of her fears that Coalition benefit cuts will force her from her home.

Wheelchair-bound Janice Martin, 50, from Old Monklands in Coatbridge, told her MP Tom Clarke:

“I feel suicidal about this bedroom tax”.

Bedroom tax: ‘I am struggling trying to

survive’                                                                    17352554-a-young-woman-is-depressed-and-sad-in-a-bubble-in-a-dark-room-the-girl-has-her-head-down-and-curled-

Published on 01/04/2013 02:05

THE plight of many disabled people across the UK losing out because of the “bedroom tax” was highlighted in the case of Janice Martin, of Coatbridge, who said the changes had made her “suicidal”. The 50-year-old’s case was raised during Prime Minister’s Questions by her local Labour MP, Tom Clarke, last month when he read out a letter that she had sent him.

She revealed that the tax would leave her with such little money that her quality of life would be deeply affected. She also told how she had begun to suffer from depression because she was so worried about how the new tax would affect her.

Mrs Martin has osteo­porosis and has had her three-bedroom council house adapted to her needs, but will lose 25 per cent of her housing benefit for having two unoccupied rooms. This would cost her about £33 a week, or more than £1,700 a year.


no the government dont care about the average bloke in the street. bedroom tax is so i believe (facebook campaign) only applicable to empty roomsover 70 square foot the advice on face book is 1 put partition walls in thus reducing square footage ie an 80 suare foot foom becomes 2 40 ft square rooms therefore exempt tax 2 built in wardrobes reduce square footage
as for not being here in this unforgiving world dont try to take your own life , it is the last resort and those that get left behind hurt forever think of your children having that knowledge for the rest of their lives
I am unemployed living to a budget so tight that what live on a week a working person would spend on a take away on a sat night. i have twice cracked up and attempted suicide in the last 6 months , first time i took 140 paracetamol with a bottle of vodka , and looked at the pics of my children on the wall and dialled 999 had i left in 10 more minutes i would not be here. spent 6 days in hospital. second time near christmas i slit my wrists just as my ex had reported me to the police as being a danger to my self, so after medical treatment i was arrested for a breach of the peace and spent time in the cells  not a good experience. both my wrists have pronounced scars which are visible to all and i see them all the time and my children ask me how i got them, not an easy thing to explain to them that daddy was so desperate he wanted to die. SO DONT DO IT , THERE IS ALWAYS AN ANSWER ,  talk to the SAMARITANS , they will listen wont phone you back but will listen nothing you can say to them will shock them.  Talk to friends be frank and honest with them they probably only see you happy. If you are not on facebook , join it  there are loads of cool discussion groups and people post some poignant and funny sayings on it and you will get a group of friend who have been there and triumphed , if you need someone to talk to you can talk to me and we could swap war stories about life the universe and everthing all the best . jon

Southfields dad committed suicide after housing benefit cut

by RoseCrystal @ Saturday, Mar. 30, 2013 – 12:42:19

“The fact his housing benefit was about to be cut and the family would be at risk of having nowhere to live, and being ordered to give up his training course because of the Job Centre’s rules, would appear to be especially poignant and tragic.”16522839-sad-girl-in-the-parkIn February, Merton Council estimated up to 3,000 residents would be made poorer by the coalition Government’s policy of cutting housing benefits, which will decrease by between £5 and £400 a week from November, depending on the size of the property.”80,000 Londoners at risk of eviction”Annys Darkwa, who runs St Helier-based Vision Housing and helps find homes in Merton for ex-offenders, said tragic cases like this would become more frequent in the coming months because housing benefit cuts would hit the most vulnerable the hardest.Mrs Darkwa said: “We are going to see this happen more and more as we expect 80,000 people across London to be evicted due to housing benefit cuts.“It is especially concerning in Merton where mental health provision has disappeared. What’s going to happen to people who think they’re all alone and commit suicide because they think there’s no one to help them?”Mr Sanderson, who was also a window cleaner, met his wife while travelling in South Africa in 1995 before the pair eventually settled in Wimbledon in 2007 to find better work prospects in London. Widow: Council cut our housing benefit by £30 a weekMrs Sanderson got a job but was made redundant in 2009, while Mr Sanderson constantly struggled to find work and was unable to complete training as an electrician because the job centre would not continue to pay his benefit because his training stopped him from being available for job interviews. He tried to commit suicide the first time in June 2010 by crushing up 150 tranquiliser pills which he swallowed with a glass of whisky.

 Protesters outside Croydon Town Hall against the Government's 'Bedroom Tax', which would cut benefits to people with a spare room






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  2. Pingback: This Is What Austerity Looks Like –Suicide’s Due To Bedroom Tax/Benefit Caps/Hardship! | Street Democracy – where it should reach – Our Streets! | Britain Isn't Eating

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